Local corn

Do any of the area farm stands have corn yet? Hoping to buy some fresh local corn for this weekend.

Thanks in advance,


Rob Durana Rob Durana
4 weeks ago

Donaldson's has their corn.....

Yup….1$ a ear at Donaldsons. Alstede has it too 6/4$,I got it there it was good.

Just got excellent corn at tranquility farms this past weekend

Local corn is out most places around here now.

Tranquility farms has their own.
.79 an ear.

4 weeks ago

Thanks everyone!

Rob Durana Rob Durana
4 weeks ago

Best Farms, .85 an ear, sweet (bi color) and delicious (not theirs yet).

Three Bees Plus Three Bees Plus
4 weeks ago

Rob had Donaldson's Wednesday night. It was very tasty but the kernels were very tiny. $1 an ear this year. Last year I thought it was 70 cents an ear but I could be wrong.

$12 a dozen is ridiculous. JMO...

Everyone is hurting, ian. Even farmers.

I'm all for the free market. They should price it at whatever the market will bear. Personally, I'm not going to eat it at any price... garbage calories.

IMO, corn is solely for bourbon and beef, lol. Funny that the price of bourbon hasn't gone up at all in the last two years.

I think they will throw one in to make it a “Bakers Dozen”.
Last year .80/ ear-this year $1.00?
25% increase?
I’m out.
Already caught them charging me “their own” prices for California Strawberries.
My fault, but drove back for a refund.
Done with Donaldson’s

And diesel was an average of 3.28/gal last June and an average of 5.75/gal this June. Those vehicles take a LOT of diesel fuel (about 300 gallon tank) and use about 15 gallons an hour.

I can certainly understand why they would need to raise their prices. For me, it is totally worth it as I don't think I've ever had a bad ear of corn from them. I'd rather give the money to the local farm than Shoprite or Weis.


Millers was selling for 5 a dozen...

Freedom isn't free. So diesel costs more.

More expensive with every bite!

dodgebaal dodgebaal
3 weeks ago

tried donaldsons,corn was a little young.tried best fruit farm corn,big ear good taste

But if it’s their own corn they don’t have to pass down the cost of fuel! When will Kucharski’s(spelling) be out?

Km: They had to put diesel in those tractors when they planted and harvested the corn.

Good points and yes just like everything else costs are up not just on diesel but also labor.Ahleys in Flanders is the best

Michigan Michigan
3 weeks ago

Don't forget that the price of fertilizer has doubled.

The_Bishop The_Bishop
3 weeks ago

Race Farm is good too

Tried BEST's corn tonight. Bought it this morning. It was starchy and I don't believe it was theirs . It was too big of ears to come from them. Do not see where they have corn planted!!! Last year the field next to the library was full of corn plantings. Nothing this year.

It is worth the money at DONALDSON'S.

Tried the place out in Allamuchy. It is a treck to go there from Hackettstown, but I think they are giving Donaldson a little compation.

Tranquility's white corn is delish! Tried Best's bi-colored - not impressed but I do love their peaches!

Had Donaldsons tonight. It was excellent.

seems the kernals small this year...

zentravl zentravl
2 weeks ago

Like anything else- people bitching about prices- if you can do it cheaper, or better- go for it!!

Competition is good, right? Start your own business and make a fortune.

If you don't have the skill, time, land, tools, labor, experience, or effort- then....

This is true for farms, restaurants, mechanics, landlords... pretty much EVERYTHING in life.

I'm not saying to not shop around, or that some places are better / worse / expensive than others..but the amount of unfounded complaining I see... wow.

2 people complaining about $12 a dozen.

Ok- so get seed, land, plant your own, water, fertilizer, time, and pick it yourself.

If you called someone and said YOU want to grown corn- but don't have the means yourself- so have to hire them to pay someone to use their land, their workers, their suppliers and machines to plant, grow, pick and then hand you $12 for 12... you honestly think you can do / would do it better?

It amazes me they do it for that- and honestly it's probably only that because of HEAVY gov subsidies on corn / farmers, combined with long term pre-existing ownership of the land.

But still- true for any business, restaurant, mechanic, landlord... the people most likely to gripe about the cost have never done it themselves..

Complain about quality, service, things they actually have control over.

You do realize Josh, that you are ‘complaining’ about those that ‘complain’.
No complaint here.
I hereby gift to you my allocation of dollar corn.

Donaldson's corn today: $.89 cents an ear or $10.68 a baker's dozen. The best corn in the area, bar none.

njhokiefan njhokiefan
2 weeks ago

Anyone seen Kucharski's trucks at the typical locations (22, 31 and 517)?

njhokiefan why is Donaldson's corn $.89 an ear today when it was $l.00 over the weekend?

Maybe Donaldson's realize that Tranquility (and others) are taking some of their business away from them.

I paid .89 on Saturday as well, earlier in the week it was 1.00 an ear.

njhokiefan njhokiefan
2 weeks ago

how about tomatoes i bought one at donaldsons today it was 3.50 for one tomato.oe tomato is it me or does 3.50 for one tomato seem high

Mel It's ok Josh doesn't have a problem with that LOL

We're still a couple weeks from the bumper crop of ripe tomatoes. I've only gotten a few ripe ones to date and I planted pretty early...

Jim- nobody is holding a gun to a person and forcing them to hand over money for something.

Want it? Buy it.

Don't want it? Don't buy it.

So yea- while I get that you are being snarky and amusing yourself- I don't have a problem with free market taking care of itself.

And stymie- no, while they rhyme and sound similar- explaining /= complaining.

Josh not being "snarky" but telling people how they should feel without walking a mile in their shoes is being a little high and mighty. By the way I didn't say anything in my post complaining about the price. I just stated what is was and what I thought it was last year.

Re: Local corn

Mel- I got two good sized tomatoes there on Saturday. It was $7 and change. They are $3.99 per pound so the large ones can add up fast. I like them large so they fit a slice of bread perfectly! I was told by a neighbor their own are not out yet these were from elsewhere. They are delicious in any event.

Josh- price rollback is the marketplace speaking.
Still gifting my Dollar corn to you.
Peace out.-

Greg, I hope "elsewhere" means "South Jersey" and not somewhere out of state...

Kucharski trucks will be out starting Thursday in their regular spots on 517, 31 and 22. Not sure what our price will be yet.

farmerswife farmerswife
2 weeks ago

I've been waiting for Kucharski's non-GMO, chemical free corn. Can anyone verify the truck is now open at the 517 Hackettstown location?

happiest girl
2 weeks ago

They posted earlier today on Facebook that their trucks are out.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
2 weeks ago

oops meant to post that - saw the 517 truck today

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