Foul Burning Smell

Anyone else notice a foul burning smell in the Hackettstown- Independence area. I noticed it a few nights ago and it’s quite strong tonight. Any thoughts as to the cause?

You might have a neighbor with a fire pit...People are throwing all kinds of "stuff" in them anymore it seems..

joyful joyful
July 3rd

I have noticed like a septic smell.

tracy Pollock
July 3rd

Or a neighbor lighting up a few pinches of skunk weed! It has a distinct odor, not so pleasant.


Re: Foul Burning Smell

you might be on to something there

sounds like white punks on doope

Sorry, just picked up a fat sack of the sticky-icky. Give me about a week and it will go away.

english3339 english3339
July 12th

saw the tubes with todd before covid hit, wpod is like an anthem, with silver lame body suit, 2 foot platforms, and three foot sun glasses. it was a magical disco doper moment. "can't clean up though I know I should..." never gets old.

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Re: Foul Burning Smell
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