Eye surgeon

Wondering if anyone has seen Dr Vora for cataract surgery.he' s in Newton Thank You

Betsy Ross Betsy Ross
July 1st

I would recommend Dr. Grayson at Omni Eye Services in Parsippany. I just had cataract surgery on one eye several weeks ago and could not be happier. My vision is now 20/15 in my right eye. I opted for the normal surgery and lens as opposed to the newer type lens and laser surgery. It's a factory, but that's what you want because cataracts are what he does. Check them out at oomc.com.

njhokiefan njhokiefan
July 1st

Dr. Ian Kaden, Randolph. No sense of humor, pretty dry, a bit quiet, you have to ask....yet easy to understand and process was smooth. Top notch, accredited, eye guy.
Used to operate out of HH. Had another DR from Morristown refer me to eye specialist --- he uses Kaden too, a good sign. Takes out an HH ER for part of a day and cycles a bunch through. Mine was not typical, needed a few optional parts, etc. and I was under for about twice the average. Can be your ophthalmologist going forward, think I use my Medicare/supplemental to pay; I don't carry vision therefore.

Good luck, one of the easier surgeries usually. Even mine. Bottom line: it came out much better than I expected. Wish I had gone sooner.

Just a suggestion - I had experience with Omni Eye Care and Dr. Grayson who I was pleased with. I was ready to proceed with the cataract surgery after meeting with Dr. Grayson. I then met with the woman who does the scheduling and she asked for my insurance card. I went to Omni for 3 months prior and they had my insurance card on file. I then find out the surgery facility does not accept my insurance even though Omni does. Be sure to find out if the Dr. and surgery facility where you are going does accept your coverage. I had to cancel everything and start with a new Dr and his surgery facility that does accept my plan.

justwondering justwondering
July 1st

I found a eye surgeon in Hackettstown .Dr Kruti. Any one know anything about him?
I have a transportation problem so i need some one close

Betsy Ross Betsy Ross
3 weeks ago

Dr. Kruti Shah is an optometrist - not an opthamologist

Dr. Vora in Newton I would highly recommend.

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