Scar tissue/adhesions

I'm curious of other people's experiences with adhesions after keyhole surgery, particularly for gallbladder removal. Describe the pain. Is it considered chronic? Do you have a little pain or severe pain. Do you get sudden episodes of pain seemingly out of the blue? Does it last for hours, days, weeks, etc. Does anyone get severe pain below their right shoulder pain and can wrap around the front? I've had countless tests for years and this is the conclusion. Most times this stuff doesn't show on CT scans, MRIs, etc. So I just wanted to know other experiences to compare.

Nutcracker Nutcracker
Jun '22

I heard of referred pain to near the shoulder, etc. for gallbladder issues.

(possibly other organs have referred pain to way different areas).

Hackresident Hackresident
Jun '22

I had my gallbladder out 19 years ago and have had problems with pain pretty much ever since. I'm asking for other people's experiences with adhesions after such a surgery because I have the craziest set of symptoms with the biggest one being pain that can be mild to excruciating for one hour or one month. I've had three CT scans, one MRI, countless ultrasounds, and bloodwork. All is well. They say that for the most part adhesions do not show up on any of these tests, some may, and since everything is good they have to assume it's adhesions. The only way to tell is to have the keyhole surgery again for them to look around which in turn causes more adhesions.

nutcracker nutcracker
Jun '22

Before surgery it felt like someone was pushing a nail into my stomach near my belly button. Now when I am sitting in my recliner I feel dull pain in the same area. Other pain I just write off as another part of getting old.

Robert Rowe Robert Rowe
Jun '22

I had a L4/L5 disc replacement surgery in '05, done thru my abdomen. Ever since then I experience abdominal pain. Sometimes a dull burn, other times a sharp stabbing pain. Been to several doctors who said exploratory surgery could be performed but in turn would cause additional adhesions.

Chronic pain Chronic pain
Jun '22

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