Lost Dog Hamilton Drive Area

Hi, not on here much but looking to spread the word. My 5 pound Yorkie went missing this afternoon and may have gotten under a fence. Her name is Dash. She does not have her collar on but is chipped.

Melissa 908-285-2019

Melissahilde Melissahilde
Jun '22

Is she found?

Jun '22

Hi Melissa
Picture ?

Re: Lost Dog Hamilton Drive Area

I'd say a 5 pound Yorkie has a specific look, not hard to recognize! LOL.

Here is a picture of the adorable little girl.

Melissa- If there is a plan to search around tomorrow please fill us in. I am ready to join in.

Re: Lost Dog Hamilton Drive Area

Hi all— I am pretty confident she got out my backyard. Our yard is right behind the independence condos on overlook drive. Pretty close to the playground. So the woods are our primary search area. Feel free to join and it is much appreciated. We have only been in the neighborhood for 8 months and it has been so welcoming.

MelissaHildebrand MelissaHildebrand
Jun '22

Update: Dash was spotted multiple times this morning and eventually caught by her daddy. She is full of ticks and sticks but is safe. Thank you!!

MelissaHilde MelissaHilde
Jun '22

I hope you find your baby.

Hackresident Hackresident
Jun '22

Excellent news! Scary night for her I'm sure.

I literally just got my boots, leash, raincoat and binoculars together plus an aerial screen shot of the area

Glad to hear she's safely home! What a cutie. I hope the ticks weren't yet fully attached to her.

Phil D. Phil D.
Jun '22

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