Morrison field track use

Hello, just a general inquiry, but I'm looking to use the track they have at Morrison field, I'm not sure whether or not it's open to the public, if so I'd love to be able to use it for workouts. Anybody know if it's possible I could use it for personal use? Most towns tracks are generally open to the public.

That belongs to the Board of Education. Call the high school or the Board of Ed office. I gather it is a hard no.

However, Riverfront Park has a nice track for public use.

Morrison track is not open the public. It’s School property and they don’t let the public use it

They had no qualms about letting the public PAY for it though, lol.

nope, and the public is paying for it again. It's getting replaced this summer.

These would have been the argued points. Serous maintenance costs and limited use. But unfortunately it went to a no bid contract.

Yikes, can't wait to see the cost of that!

Limited use?
Morrison Field has been used for so many events over the years and to this day
Wonderful Facility!

ChiliDog ChiliDog
3 weeks ago

What is being redone specifically? The track or the turf...both?

You can only pay for it...not use it.

theCoach theCoach
3 weeks ago

I don't know any area high school that has their turf and/or track open to the public. They are all fenced in.

3 weeks ago

Some area high schools maybe fenced in but are open to public dawn to dust.

Roywhite Roywhite
3 weeks ago

My former high school would allow area residents to use the track whenever there were no school sporting events taking place. Maybe they’re afraid of the liability at this field?

3 weeks ago


Mount Olive does

The track in Evergreen Park - next left after Tranq farm........

Why not let the public have access? Hmmm, let's think about that one a bit...

My old high school it was allowed dawn to dusk. Not sure about today.

Same here. Former HS always open to the public & it was a great option. HHS needs a revamp to entrance & bleachers. After visiting other schools, ours looks rather sad.

Feeling good Feeling good
3 weeks ago

Please if they do that can imagine our taxes? As it is the football program and sports eat up a lot of the school budget.

Alla......Heard on WRNJ this morning that the school has put in their budget $600,000 for the replacement of the turf and $350,000 for the track, for a total of $950,000

Can't wait to watch the all the quality football games played on that field again. The fact the track can't be used by the tax payers that paid for it is a joke, and a clear example of the corrupt good ol boy system which is the BOE.

I imagine the no public use policy is driven in part by insurance liability.

As far as tax dollars educators also paid by our tax dollars appear to be deciding what curriculum or agenda they want to indoctrinate or "teach" our children. What's the difference? It seems the public at large has little to say about the decisions.

With that said I wonder if there is a legal disclaimer sign at Riverfront park for the variety of exercise stations there. Or is it simply implied use at own risk?

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