Bus from Rockaway Mall to NYC

Could someone tell me where exactly does the Lakeland bus that goes through Rt 80 parking is for the bus that leaves from at the Rockaway mall?. Some one said Macy's parking lot, some say in the Buffalo Wings parking lot?, Across from Buffalo Wings?.. I looked online and there are no maps that show the parking lots.


htown mom htown mom
4 weeks ago

Re: Bus from Rockaway Mall to NYC

It’s right on their website under stops
They also have a number you can call.

Check the Lakeland web site: https://www.lakelandbus.com/

There's more info there. If if helps any, it's Lot 36, there are signs around for the "Park And Ride". It's marked in green.

It’s at the far end of Macys close to the perimeter road.

You can also pickup the lackland bus just off exit 30 at the mt arlington train station

How much the cost from Rockaway mall to NYC?

It's at the edge of the Macy's lot AND near Buffalo Wild Wings. When you're facing Macy's, Buffalo Wild Wings will be on your left. The stop is NOT well marked and I got there early and just hung around until another commuter came along to tell me where to stand. I seem to remember the parking spaces might have been painted another color, but it was faint and this was more than 2 years ago.

SquirrelGirl SquirrelGirl
3 weeks ago

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