nyt wordle

Great new game we can all try and post the results.

Five letter words, pick a good one with frequently used letters to start. Beware them using words with multiple oCCurenCes of the same letter, always a stumper.


There may be other entrance sites. Everyone is getting in on the fun.


Lots of variations out there:

Wordle - 1 word
Dordle - 2 words
Quordle - 4 words
Octordle - 8 words

I play them every day.

Want to try them with numbers?


Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
4 weeks ago

"Phoodle" - for "Foodies"

5 letter word, set up same as Wordle. Words are food related - any type of food, food tool, appliance, process, names of chefs/cooks, etc.


Three Bees Plus Three Bees Plus
4 weeks ago

Nerdle can be tough, but it's my favorite.

Use "AUDIO" then "SPENT" (or "SCENT") as your first 2 word choices to get your vowel choices.

Three Bees Plus Three Bees Plus
4 weeks ago

Worldle and Globle for geography geeks like me!

Wordle 354: 3 tries.

4... that's one of those where if you get the middle 3 letters, there are about 100 different words it can be, lol

NYT wordle needs a subscription starting tomorrow, unfortunately.

Re: nyt wordle

Three Bees: adieu is a good one for getting your vowels in one word.

I like "louie" and "rants" for starting words - Louie for 4 vowels and both for the wheel of fortune style - RSTLNE starting letters.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
4 weeks ago

You will just have to access Wordle via the NYTimes website instead of the original site in the UK……..it will still be free

You will just have to access Wordless via the NYTimes website instead of the original site in the UK……..it will still be free


really any combination that uses all vowels will work if your objective is to find the vowels.
but you left out " and sometimes Y"

how about using noisy and beaut

I like to guess with a random just popped in my head word on most days in hopes of getting it on the first line. hasn't happened.....yet

355 6/6 I got distracted :>)

356 4/6. Guess my last post. Sort a feels like self abuse ;-)

356 3/6

my mornimg routine is kenken puzzle. then wordle.
I do the 4x4 easy on kenken which takes me about 30 seconds.
then wordle which is about a 1-2 minute challenge.


CBGB. 1-2 minutes for Wordle. Impressive

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
3 weeks ago

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