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Does anyone know of a mechanic (within 10 or so miles) that would install self-purchased parts?

I have rear brakes that need to be replaced, and I found a great price online for them. Problem is that I've made a few inquiries with some local garages, and none of them were interested in doing the work unless I purchase the brakes through them.

Generally, I'm a DIY'er, and I installed my front brakes with no issues. But the rear brakes on my vehicle are a PITA, and I just don't have the patience or the tools to deal with them.

The mechanic needn't be from Hackettstown, but I also don't want to drive too far. Thanks in advance.

only one truth only one truth
June 7th

It sounds like you hit many of the local shops. I'm not surprised they won't install owner's parts for a variety of reasons. Warranty, quality, fitment etc.

You may look for a mobile mechanic too. Perhaps they would install your parts. I would stay away from the "guy that does it on the side" type of mechanic. Brakes are high on the list of you better know what you are doing type of repair! LOL. A YouTube trained person is not what you want. LOL

Brakes aren’t rocket science Greg. Its one of the things best suited for a guy on the side because of the simplicity. Unless your driving a very high end car with over engineered brakes, like Mercedes with the calipers that can’t be retracted without a laptop, theres no reason to search for the hyper qualified mechanic with 35 certifications.

MakoMiller1984 MakoMiller1984
4 weeks ago

Try ExxonMobil by Naughright

Been there Been there
4 weeks ago

With all due respect Mako- There are all sorts of brake systems today that require a very specific procedure as well as the proper tools. It's not just the high end cars. Any car with an electronic parking brake will present issues to a novice. Heck do a 2011 Sonata rear brake repair it's a barrel of laughs. Believe me I have performed hundreds, yes hundreds of brake repair and replacements over the years on the basic and simple components to some very sophisticated assemblies. Not only does a qualified mechanic have the knowledge to conduct the replacement in a safe and proper manner, he/she can deal with any sort of issue that may arise. That is where the shade tree mechanic may not have the skill set and or tools to get out of trouble if needed. Brakes are something I would not trust to just anyone for repair. But hey that's me I do all of my own brake work. LOL

Thanks for the responses. Yes, I've contacted many (but not all) mechanics in town, but no dice. A couple of them were scared off because of liability, even though I assured them I understood that the risk was all mine...I even offered to sign off on it.

I'll check out that Exxon/Mobil on top of the hill, thanks for the heads up.

By the way, the brakes on my car are not complicated, just incredibly aggravating to access all the bolts, which are rusted over anyway. The front brakes (which I installed myself) were nothing too difficult, the hardest part was breaking the bolts. But getting at the rear brakes requires removing the control arm and some other stuff that I just don't want to mess with.

only one truth only one truth
4 weeks ago

only one truth

I'm just curious what model and year of vehicle require control arm removal for a rear brake replacement. If I'm in the market, that's one I'll certainly avoid!

The Sonata I mentioned above is one of them, Phil. Great engineering!

It's a 2008 Elantra Phil, I doubt you'll be in the market for a car that old, although many late model Hyundai's seem to have the same issue, as I understand it. Imagine my surprise when I got underneath the car and discovered that questionable bit of engineering.

However, I will say that this has been a damned good car overall. Over 160K miles and still humming along, aside from some minor creaks and clunks. You just have to remember to replace the timing belt at least once, and that should get you to the magic 200K miles...which is all I can ask for out of a car.

only one truth only one truth
4 weeks ago

Check with Kev’s Service Center in Allamuchy. I think he might install your parts.

FarmerJake FarmerJake
4 weeks ago

"even though I assured them I understood that the risk was all mine...I even offered to sign off on it."

While this is fine and dandy, it does not speak for anyone else who may be involved in an accident should one happen due to this job.

Mechanics get paid by charging you book rate for the repair. This is typically twice the amount of hours needed to fix your car. So for a job that is 2 hours in the book you pay for 2 hours labor. Even though it only takes them 1 hour. The other part of their income is parts. A part that costs them $100 will cost you $200.

With that said your asking someone to take a pay cut. I can understand why no one wants to do it. If you do find someone willing, be prepared to pay extra on the labor. You’re likely not saving any money by supplying a set of rear pads.

Also there are many very cheap brands of brake pads. Many that don’t last long and/or squeal like a pig. Mechanics have brands that they know won’t come back due to a customer complaint. Nothing worse then a customer coming back and having to the job a 2nd time for no money.

Sacks cousin
4 weeks ago

only one truth, sounds like a “pay now or pay later” type of situation. Can you return the parts?

I DON'T understand why no one will do it!! Even with all the so called reasons mentioned above. I bet you call a plumber and ask him to install the junk faucet you got at home Depot!!! Or a carpenter to install the garbage cabinets from Lowes!! If is about the money charge a little more for your hourly rate!! You make some and the costumer saves a little!!!

No one ever died from a crappy faucet or crappy cabinets, dadof3

The other party in the accident would have no idea who the mechanic was or if he installed a customers own parts

and when the cheap parts fail do you say oh yeah maybe I should not have bought cheap parts?
or do you blame the mechanic?

Re: Flexible Mechanic Needed

This fellow will install anything you like! LOL

The other party in the accident would have no idea who the mechanic was or if he installed a customers own parts"

yes they would through discovery.

hi I would try Tire Associates in Washington

For those of you (AJMS, Farmer Jake, Been There, Mako) that actually offered some possible places, or had a useful comment...thank you.

For those of you that posted irrelevant comments just to gain some attention or be self-righteous,

I'll keep it clean...get a hobby.

Sacks: I'm not asking anybody to take a "pay cut", I'm offering them money to install the brakes that I purchased. If they want to turn down $200.00 to $300.00 for an hour of work, that's up to them, I'm not giving anyone a hard time, I'm simply asking. Some garages are busier than others, and some aren't that busy at all. I would think that making a couple of hundred dollars in a relatively short space of time would be appealing.

Whip: You're being a bit alarmist, aren't you? I know a good bit about cars, so it's not like I wouldn't notice a problem if the brakes were installed incorrectly. Also, the front brakes take most of the pressure from braking, and my front brakes are working perfectly...I installed them myself just over 1 year ago.

3wb: See my answer to Whip.

CBGB: these parts are not "cheap", they are inexpensive, but they are rated well. And no, I would have no interest in "blaming the mechanic" on the outside chance that the brakes "fail". Is that something you would consider doing yourself?

As I stated several times, I purchased front brakes for my car last year, and installed them myself, with no issues. In fact, because I did it myself, I know for certain that the job was done right. The rear brakes on my car are more difficult to install ONLY because access to them is more difficult.

As Mako pointed out above, installing brakes is not rocket science. You need some time, patience, the right tools, and a reasonable amount of knowledge. Until I did my own brakes for the first time many years ago, (I've done them many times over in my life), I was also a bit intimidated, and thought it was maybe something that was out of my league.

It wasn't.

only one truth only one truth
4 weeks ago

Whip: You're being a bit alarmist, aren't you?"

Not at all. It's what happens in this litigious society now. It's why people can sue over coffee being hot.

but if there are regulations dictating the temperature that coffee can be served at a commercial establishment then they can be liable if found in violation.

Keeping this off the rails...

Jackie Chiles will handle your hot coffee litigation!

Just remember:

“You put the balm on? Who told you to put the balm on? I didn't tell you to put the balm on. Why'd you put the balm on?

a mechanic will procure and install the parts.
a mechanic will not install your parts for the same labor rate.
a mechanic will install your parts for double labor rate.
Lability? No. Just money made of re-selling parts.
I had similar situation: a mechanic quoted nearly 600 for Y-pipe/flex pipe job.
"his" part was about 450-475 bucks, mine - 140-150.
Another time I had to remove an inner bearing race from a hub. I had no proper tools to remove it. Called few mechanics - one said no, another - 1 hour of labor, 3-rd - " i need to look at it".
I went to HF, bought the proper tool and removed that bearing race in FIVE minutes.
You think that mechanics only at dealerships are bad? Think again.
The only plausible explanation for mechanic's high parts prices is that they are available the same day (usually).

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