Anybody Using 5G Home Internet?

I'm in downtown Hackettstown. T-Mobile's website says their 5G home internet is available to me. Is anybody else here using it? And if so, are you happy with it? Apparently there's a 15-day free trial available, but I don't especially want to go through the hassle unless I know there's at least a good chance it might work.

Do you have (or know someone who has) a T-Mobile/Sprint 5G phone? Have them run the Speedtest app at your house... that should tell you what level of bandwidth you can expect to have available.

ianimal ianimal
May 20th

You can pick up verizon ultrawide band around the middle school..That should work really well if you are in range

I don't know anyone who uses T-Mobile.

For whatever reason, VZ's website says 5G home internet is not available at my address.

Thanks to both.

Hi Monty,
I'm in panther valley and have been using T-Mobile 5G internet for about a month now. It took a little moving around to find the right spot for it in the house but once I got it there's no complaints. I'm in a condo which limits my placement options, they suggest near a window and/or up high as possible so I put it in the window on the 2nd floor and get "Very Good" connection according to the T-Mobile internet app. I have several devices connected to it and haven't run into any issues since finding the best spot.

I know someone in town with it, works good

May 21st

Thanks @LB and @itiswhatitis. Much appreciated.

Last time I checked it said it wasn't available, but will certainly look into it once my Xfinity contract runs out.

NJMetMan NJMetMan
May 22nd

NJMetMan, when I enter my home address, the T-Mobile website says "5G home internet is available at your address -- but spots are limited!" I have no idea what "but spots are limited" might mean. I won't have time to dig into it until after the holiday, but I definitely plan to check it out.

I’m in panther valley as well unfortunately I got it’s not in our area yet….

Monty, I would guess that means that their service level is somewhat marginal and that there are a relatively limited number of additional subscribers they can add without the overall level of service becoming unacceptably low. I would read that as a red flag...

ianimal ianimal
May 23rd

Or, maybe it's a late-night infomercial-type marketing ploy to get you to SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! lol.

Either way, I'd be skeptical.

ianimal ianimal
May 23rd

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