Bear on route 46

Did anybody else see the poor dead juvenile bear on the side of 46 right outside of town? Should the state be called so they can pick it up? Feel like I should call someone…

Independence police were already notified.

With no bear hunt in NJ, this sighting will become just as frequent as deer on the side of the road. The population needs to be controlled or we will be over populated just like deer.

1 week ago

100% correct Skipper, and most people do know this. Governor banned it for political gain, as most people know

1 week ago

The bears aren’t the problem for overpopulation , humans are the problem. Too many people living in this small state, everywhere you go they’re building and ruining the little bit of land left in NJ. Wildlife should be left alone, unless it’s for hunting food purposes. Simple as that. Not the bears fault, there’s zero reasoning behind hunting bears. “Population control” is merely a myth.

Don Rod Don Rod
1 week ago

What about deer? Same philosophy?

Philliesman Philliesman
1 week ago

Doesn't fit into his agenda

1 week ago

Yup. Exactly.

Philliesman Philliesman
1 week ago

Don Rod .
Do your part.
Level your home.
Plant some trees.
Move to Jersey City.

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Re: Bear on route 46
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