Mulch vendors

Anybody recently make a bulk purchase for mulch?
Vender, price per yard? Thx

Roywhite Roywhite
2 weeks ago

I buy hemlock mulch from Donaldson. $42/yard and $35 delivery. Every year the mulch has been clean, consistent texture, and excellent service from ordering to delivery.

I always get hemlock mulch from Tickers. This year it was $38/yard.

FarmerJake FarmerJake
2 weeks ago

I buy 20 yards every few years and Tickners is the best IMO. This could totally be my imagination but I think the Tickners dyed mulch keeps its color longer than donaldsons.

2 weeks ago

I’ve used Plain and fancy stone on Montana Road in Washington for years, great prices quick delivery

Had Enough Had Enough
2 weeks ago

Agree with Had Enough. Plain and Fancy is great.
Avoid Plant Farm.

Why avoid plant farm?

I have used them in the past and have no issues.

They used ground up pallets. Lots of nails and plastic and also contaminated with shotgun fungus.
Terrible product.

We just got 12 yds of hardwood mulch from Stone Hedge on East Ave for $26/yd. Quality is very good.

Glenn S. Glenn S.
1 week ago

I went to Tickners they want $32 a yard for black mulch plus delivery($20- 2.5 Miles away)

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