Hummingbirds 2022

It's getting to be that time of year; any sightings yet?

Not yet but I am seeing reports from people in Morris and Sussex counties that theirs have returned. Last year mine returned on May 1.

Re: Hummingbirds 2022

If you’re on Facebook, look for this group.—->
My childhood friend runs it. And members are from all over the country. Lots of good information from experts on what to do/not to do.

Thanks, 3wdbwnj, I will!
Making a small batch right now... just in case!
If they're here, they'll need a good source, not many nectar plants out yet.

The Hummers are back! Been at my feeder for three days now so get that food out!

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
3 weeks ago

Yes! Had the feeders out for them when they showed up earlier this week. :)

Saw our 1st one a couple of days ago.
Also saw a Baltimore Oriole at one of my feeders today, very exciting!!

Here too - saw first hummer yesterday - and today saw my first ever Baltimore Oriole -

Oh wow. i would love an Oriole! I know there are feeders specifically for them too so maybe you could attract more.

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Re: Hummingbirds 2022
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