Buying a car

Thinking of buying a car from Carvona has anyone done this and was it good or bad experience

I've been looking into purchasing from them as well, but very leary. Please let me know if you do and the experience. As soon as I sell my car I'll car shopping.

I brought one in March 2021, the easiest purchase ever did.
Will never walk into a dealer again.
Easiest , most transparent process ever.

my friend loves them

A neighbor sold his car to Carvana. The Carvana guy who picked it up did a cursory walk around look at the car, no detailed inspection.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
3 weeks ago

I purchased ba car from Carvana. It was super easy. I too would never deal with a car dealership again.

Currently car shopping. The prices on those cars seem a tick higher. Or is it just the make/model I’m looking for?

Sacks cousin
3 weeks ago

Sacks- how are the inventories?

My good friend bought a car from carvana. Nissan 370Z nismo. Car was described as being in perfect condition with a clean car fax. The car was delivered with a scrape on the rear quarter panel which the delivery driver said was his fault when he loaded the car on the truck. Carvana agreed to credit my friend $1500 for the repair and my friend accepted. A few days later he was driving the car in the rain and water was leaking through the drivers side door and inside somewhere causing the seatbelt to be wet. My freind, fearing the car had been in an undisclosed accident, had to use carvana’s return policy and they picked the car up and gave him his money back. He used a credit union to finance the car so he ended up losing $400 in interest and loan inception fees. Contrast that with my uncle who bought from them and had a great a great experience. So, they seem like every other used car dealer. Some good ones, some bad ones.

3 weeks ago

You just have to be careful to get the title. Carvana has been sued repeatedly for not getting or passing on the title of the cars they buy and sell.

Tired of politics
3 weeks ago

Bought a car yesterday. I found the car on Used suv. Went to the dealer. Made a low ball offer. They counter offered and we met in the middle. I didn’t think that was going to work but it did.

Sacks cousin
2 weeks ago

I bought a car from Carvana and could not be more pleased with the experience. I began the process by going to dealerships and had multiple difficulties. The folks at Carana were helpful, informed, responsive and easy to reach. Highly recommend.

Did you have to pay their asking price with caravans or could you negotiate the deal?

Sacks cousin
1 week ago

Carvana Stock - $298.00 per share in November 2021 -
Carvana Stock Price today? = $46.48 (05/06/2022)
Company is in a Free-Fall....something is VERY Wrong!

Carvana Stock Price was $370.00 per share in August of 2021
Today one share of Carvana stock is $46.48 - I'd call that a Terrible investment!

Sack's Cousin- Which dealer if you don't mind me asking?

Keystone Volvo in PA. It was a 2 hour drive from Htown but they had the exact used Volvo that I needed.

Sacks cousin
1 week ago

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