Bald Eagle spotted at Pequest River, Liberty.

Bald Eagle spotted at Pequest River, Liberty.

Just thought I'd let the bird watchers know a bald eagle was spotted and photographed in a tree over the Pequest River. He was beautiful.

Great news, thank you!

Apr '22

Chomping on those fresh stocked Trout.

Indie Indie
Apr '22

You can see eagles there almost any day! Pretty neat.

Apr '22

One spotted cruising over barker’s mill road today. So cool.

There was a pretty big one just by the fishing access point on 57 by home Depot. I think it was on Friday right after they stocked.

Yesimpc Yesimpc
April 24th

57 by home depot. been watching these eagles for years. saw them bring in a fish to there nest yesterday.havent seen the eaglets yet.see them around 1:30 in the afternoon and 4 to 7 pm late day

Phil Donaldson Phil Donaldson
April 25th

that is so cool.

in the Spring, the blue heron will come really close to my house until the greenery grows above heron eye level. Then they disappear. Amazing up close, from the window, but if I attempt to go outside, as soon as I am in line of sight, they leave. Think I could be a mile away and they would know.

The coolest, most fitting national bird of any country in my opinion. What a majestic and powerful creature!

April 25th

I see them a lot on the road to Oxford Lake.

Calico696 Calico696
April 25th


Ben Franklin in the Musical "1776" enters the chat, LOL!

Phil D. Phil D.
April 25th

It is at the education pond at the hatchery every day

So weird I don't know how I missed these amazing creatures all the years I've lived in Mansfield Village? Discovered if you go to the new site for Heath Village called the Meadows on the farmer's land behind the building you can see the huge nest across the river on 57. They're just all over the place in Warren County! I just find this amazing just remember if you see one hit. By law you cannot touch the eagle you need to call the authorities and they will call I guess fish and game who have the proper license to take the the eagle away.

Outdoor Women Outdoor Women
3 weeks ago

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