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Welcome back my old friend LOL!

What grinds my gears today is Jennifer D'lorio of WeatherWorks here in town. While I find Weatherworks usually spot on, the weather breaks she recorded for the next few days that are airing on WRNJ this morning are killing me! LOL. She has so much vocal fry in her voice, for me it is very distracting. I know it has been creeping into speech more and more over the 10 years but man I find it annoying. ( I have a lot of hang ups! LOL).

Apparently it's a millennial thing.

What is female vocal fry?
A curious vocal pattern has crept into the speech of young adult women who speak American English: low, creaky vibrations, also called vocal fry. Vocal fry, or glottalization, is a low, staccato vibration during speech, produced by a slow fluttering of the vocal cords.

So you call out the woman by name, which is searchable online forever because of her voice, so that she never gets another job again or what? Tacky.

Feb '22

Ummm she is a public persona on WRNJ

Feb '22

How very crass of you Greg.

Feb '22

I have young women in my family who speak like that, we grew up in the same place, wth kinda accent it that?!

Now I’m going out to pick up that damn free newspaper that blows down the street every week.

Roywhite Roywhite
Feb '22

According to the article Greg linked, female broadcasters (well, at least one) HAVE lost their jobs over vocal fry. So, perhaps this should be construed as constructive criticism regarding a potentially career-inhibiting affectation that can be corrected.

ianimal ianimal
Feb '22

Roywhite, I'd say it's the new version of Valley Girl accent.

maja2 maja2
Feb '22

Probably Greg's commentary should have gone into one of the many WRNJ threads, where my guess is it would have gotten a little less scrutiny and angst.

The weather person he mentions is just that, a weather commentator and not a host of a 4 hour show. So, for that small amount of air time, as long as they can get the message across and have the ability and certifications to be a weather person, then that segment comes and goes pretty quickly and no one gets hurt.

I also am not fond of the voice of that particular person, and they(WeatherWorks) have another one of their alternate weather people (a male in this particular instance) whose voice is not exactly my cup O tea, but so be it.

NJ101.5 often(too often in my opinion), uses their afternoon producers/call screeners, a male and a female, to fill in for their hosts that are either out sick or on vacation. Both of them are really better suited behind the scenes. Bad voices and just flat out not interesting people. But, NJ101.5 seems to think they are just fine and don't kill ratings, because they keep on putting them on air. When I hear them, I just do what I can, and turn the dial to another station for that day.

I get what Greg meant, it came off a little harsh, but I don't think he was trying to kill her career (heck, if one commenter on a small town forum was able to do that, most of WRNJ talent would either be fired or quit, based on some opinionated commentary here).

But, I won't opt to cancel either the weather person or Greg. They are probably both OK people.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Feb '22

Hahahaha!! Sorry my big bad words triggered so many.

Do know thing about about me, I couldn't care less what anyone thinks of my post (s) or me. Totally irrelevant to me. It is a VENTING thread I simply noted a person's voice I found to be an irritant. I posted it in a venting thread light-heartedly as the LOL's inserted a few times above indicated. The recordings this morning were particularly heavy with the vocal fry. As far as mentioning her name, you've got to be kidding me. She signed off the spot with her name. As someone above mentioned she is public persona. I also feel quite assured that my insignificant little post on a local small town forum will not impact her rising career. In addition, I'm quite sure she can give a hoot what I think as well.
Many people on this site never cease to amaze me LOL. I do enjoy the name calling, how mature and nice. Not once did I disparage that young lady. I just noted how her voice was an irritant to me.

Greg and Rhyme, you totally missed the point of the backlash, so to speak.

Feb '22

Her voice is better than Betty White's was.

"Russian Olympic Committee"...

ianimal ianimal
Feb '22


Yeah, sneaky way to have athletes compete after your country has been banned for so many using performance-enhancing drugs. Of course now that their top young female skater has been caught using many more. Maybe they'll be banned for the next Olympics. What a joke, just like the Chinese judge who's on the technical committee after having a one year suspension due to favoritism in judging, while his compatriot from the last Olympics was banned for two years AND has to sit out this Olympics as punishment.


I blame Flo, from the Progressive Insurance Commercials. I'm sure she reaches even more people than the Kardashians do, though I'm positive she hasn't built the money-generating machine they have for her own personal gain.

Phil D. Phil D.
Feb '22

I read the article, and still have no idea of what this is. Link me a video of somebody speaking with 'vocal fry' with a classic example. Thanks.

Here you are, Bruin.

I miss Chatterbox Diner. That's it.

March 2nd

Thanks Greg, so strange, I never even noticed this 'vocal fry' thing before the videos brought attention to it. 56 years, and I've never heard of 'vocal fry'. I even searched a couple more videos to hear it in action. I'm far more annoyed by weird speech phrases, like 'coming with?' Ugh, hate that one. Too lazy to say 'us', 'me' etc? One of my favorite shows, Rick and Morty, uses this all the time. I notice it every time and kind of drives me nuts.

Ok, ok, here's my rant: So I finally decide to go out to eat this weekend, after years of avoiding restaurants for the most part. Go to The Barn in Randolph for a quick bite with friends. Waitress comes to table, and I ask, "what are the happy hour beer specials?" "Oh, that's only at the bar..." What the hell, why are some bar flies at the bar entitled to cheaper beer, but if you're sitting 20 feet away at a table, planning on spending a lot more money than the barflies on food, are you penalized???? The Barn is not the only place that does this. I really don't understand this business practice. I guess they figure if you are planning on spending money on food, that you will pay any price they ask for beer.

Nothing worse then your regular letter carrier having the day off. Good for him but bad for customers. These subs could care less about the job their paid to do. They drive by without looking at the address. Mail goes to neighbor, outgoing mail not picked up. I stood in the doorway and waved, never even turned his head. Is a good working ethic a thing of the past? I would complain, but it would only fall on deaf ears. Thank goodness for the venting thread.

auntiel auntiel
March 19th

Vocal Fry usually comes with youth and a great tight body.

Much better than a nagging voice and a glass of prune juice.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
March 19th

Liars! This Ring doorbell was anything but easy to install.

Courtney1 Courtney1
March 22nd

Courtney, less tricky than a smart thermostat! Auntiel, full agreement! You know it's a fill-in when they dump your package on the mailbox post in the rain, to be either stolen or soaked!

Why must there always be a resident know it all??? Ugghhh

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
March 24th

JG-I'm sure I could answer that. LMAO!

I just don't understand... you would think when this person interrupts a conversation with their two cents and the people having the conversation just walk away they would get the picture..

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
March 24th

That is a fairly strong indication for sure. I had an employee do that kind of thing very often. It always started with " if I can make a recommendation". He would typically not wait but butt right in as you describe. Finally at a meeting another employee unloaded politely(ish) on him about this very annoying habit. I was not there to witness it but had to deal with the associated HR episode. It did solve the issue for the most part.

I'm venting at GREG!!! for bringing my attention to 'vocal fry', I never paid attention before, and now every time I hear it I get a little grrrr!!!

When you have to fax a letter. Just give me a darn email address. I faxed once from a public machine and they faxed back my personal information when I wasn't there. The ones online are all pay subscriptions. I just want to send one lousy fax. Grrrrr.

March 26th

My phone rings incessently with these freakin' spam and telemarketing calls lately. I tried the blocking stuff & it doesn't work. So sick of it. Can't even take an afternoon nap unless I unplug my phone. Just venting.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
March 28th

Lonesome Dove - I unplugged our landline..........Cell phones are pretty well protected by Verizon Call Filter ---

4catmom 4catmom
March 28th

I get no, zero, nada, zilch cell phone signal at my house. Down in a valley between mountains, so I keep my landline in order to maintain some sort of contact with people. I don't even own a cell phone any more since Tracfone stopped service to the one I had for emergencies on the road.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
March 28th

Probably need a outdoor rural cell booster like these:
March 28th

People on HL calling themselves contractors and when you try and contact them you get no response. If you are too busy to do a job, just reply one way or another. Very irritating. I like doing local but if these people want jobs, just respond.

People who steal your health insurance to get themselves a COVID vaccine, and naturally there's no one to report the fraud to at the insurance company today!

Courtney1 Courtney1
1 week ago

The really terrible part is covid vaccines are free, taxpayer funded, regardless of insurance coverage.

"covid vaccines are free, taxpayer funded"

Oxymoron of the year! LOL. It's not free if we are paying for it collectively via taxes. I get the point though no need to steal from another for something that is available.

Well, apparently my insurance company paid $40 with no out-of-pocket charge. I presume the vaccine was for COVID as I initially received an e-mail indicating that it was the first of a series of shots. It was accompanied by the usual admonitions to wash your hands, social distance, etc.

Immediately after receiving the e-mail, I checked my insurance claims and found nothing suspicious. However, this morning I felt motivated to check again and there it was--a Pfizer vaccination.

Perhaps Pfizer has other vaccinations that come in a series, I wouldn't know. COVID was the first thing that came to mind.

Courtney1 Courtney1
1 week ago

From the CDC:

COVID-19 vaccination providers can:

Seek appropriate reimbursement from the recipient’s plan or program (e.g., private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid) for a vaccine administration fee
However, providers cannot charge the vaccine recipient the balance of the bill.

Courtney1 Courtney1
1 week ago

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