Great Horned Owl

Heard a pair of Great Horned Owls last night (01/19) around 11pm. Thier hoots were coming from the Madison St. / Moore St. area. First time in the 20 plus years we have lived here. Has anyone else heard any owls in the area? Also, about two weeks ago saw an immature Bald Egle in the neighbor's tree (same area). Often see a mature Bald Egle down along the Musconetcong River.

I have owls at my house. I hear them all the time at night. No idea what kind they are. I enjoy that sound.

Sacks cousin
Jan '22

I heard them last night as well. Sounded really cool.

Earnhardt Earnhardt
Jan '22

Thanks for sharing - will listen and look out for the owls.

Htown newbie Htown newbie
Jan '22

Yep. I heard a pair, and it sounded like they were talking to each other. Madison St -Grand Ave area

Jeff Saunders Jeff Saunders
Jan '22

I have heard GHO's a few times at night, I think more summertime, cause my windows were wide open. I've also seen Screech Owl in my yard! The GHO's hoot is very distinctive. I've also heard a cooing or purring sound at night. I've looked it up, but don't remember now what it was, some smaller owl. They are definitely in our area!!

Just A Neighbor
Jan '22

I used to walk up a gated paved road 1.5 miles in the wee hours, get to the top, turn around and come back. . Owls would silently glide in - their feathers designed for stealth - apexing at what felt like inches above the top of my head. It was spooky and unnerving. I walked in the pitch dark the owls would torment me regardless of use of a flashight. Nothing seemed to deter the owls.
These attacks would coincide with the presence of young owls watching from branches. Sometime I would go years without incident, other times these flybys would last a couple of weeks. I suspect the owls were watching the road for mice and small game but never could understand why the owls would torment me. I was worried that an owl's depth perception would be out of whack - those talons are nothing to mess with.

Greenie Greenie
Jan '22

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