Auto Insurance Lawyer (needed)

wanted to know if anyone can provide a referral for an outstanding auto insurance lawyer in the local area.
My auto insurance carrier has overcharged us and has been told that they need to report corrected info. to "Lexis Nexus".

However, it is taking way too long and we are paying too much for our policy.
Can someone let me know if their is a local attorney that can take care of this for us and move the process along. Thanks

That's easy. Cancel the policy.
Boom! Saved you even more money.

Jan '22

For sure cancel the policy. While having your "corrected" information submitted to the LexisNexis reports may eventually help on a small level I would not waste too much time and certainly any monies on an attorney. Your current reported risk history is what premiums will be based on and of course your LexisNexis rating but I don't think it will be earth changing. Your past insurance premiums reported to LN is only a part of your credit history etc. that gets taken into account by lenders or insurance companies. They know and see EVERYTHING! LOL.

Good luck!

Contact the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance for assistance

thank you everyone
I did reach out to NJ Banking and Insurance
they are asking my insurance co, (LM) to manually rate the policy.

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