Chase Bank, Hackettstown Office

Does anyone know when Chase, Hackettstown Office, will be open for business?
It has been temporarily closed.
It was closed all last week.

eager banker
Jan '22

I wouldn't count on it opening too soon. Both their phone message and website state temporarily closed. That looks to me like it will be closed for the long haul with an 80% chance it will not reopen as a Chase branch I'd bet.

Actually I went through the hunt last week...first the Hackettstown branch and then drove up to the Stanhope one, also closed. Then, just for grins, I called the 800 customer service # for Chase. They did not know that the branches were closed or why. Spent a good 20 minutes with them on the subject. My problem was that I had to make a cash deposit to cover some checks, already in the mail. I also explained that I did not have or use an ATM card. Another ten minutes went by after I requested one in the mail and they returned to explain that I would have to got to a "branch" to open one.
Unfortunately, the person I was speaking with was too young to understand the phrase I responded with, "real Catch 22 here." BTW the Chester branch is open, also all the local branches of the Hope Bank.

New2this New2this
Jan '22

GOOD NEWS: I called Chase a few minutes ago and they are OPEN for business.
I was told that they were closed last week due to staffing issues.

eager banker
Jan '22

I personally had soooooo many problems with that branch that I closed my account there.

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