Disturbing Power Grid

What is the deal with the crazy power structures on top of the building across from Man Skirt Brewing in Hackettstown??? This kind of structure represents so much harmful electromagnetic frequencies!! Shouldn't this be kept up and away from the main activities with so much harmful power source?
Hackettstown BID - why would you allow such a harmful grid right in the middle of town? Not to mention how unsightly it looks!! What do all of you Hackettstown residents think about this?

IrishMom IrishMom
Jan '22

Those are cell towers that have been there for many years. They are not going anywhere.

Why do you think they are harmful?


Probably best to read up a bit first. While not 100% conclusive, RF signals from those cell antenna don't pose a big threat to health and safety.

"This kind of structure represents so much harmful electromagnetic frequencies!!"

NO worries- there are a lot of local stores, that for a very reasonable cost you can purchase the materials needed for your tin foil hat.

LOL- Josh.

I should add IrishMom I totally agree with the unsightly view it offers on Main street.

I noticed a very large new tower probably cell tower behind the Indy DPW and municipal building. Must be trying to knock us off too lol.

GreatMeadows GreatMeadows
Jan '22

I really recommend the OP do some research. The link I posted above is very informative regarding RF signals including the various types as well as studies linking RF to possible harmful effects on humans. It concludes there is no evidence showing any harmful issues. This I'm sure will help you feel a bit better about what is there other than the unsightly part.

Obviously they are not " crazy power structures on top of the building". They are cell antennas. In addition the Hackettstown Bid has nothing to do with the approval of the installation of those units. It was done many years ago by the Zoning or Planning board. Public comment was taken into consideration at the time as is protocol at all town meetings.

Greg- the thing is- I 100% agree that things are bad for us- and in an ideal world we wouldn't have...well.. pretty much everything around us.

..because in some small way everything is 'bad' for us...but it is soo prevalent that we can't avoid it if we wanted to.

Electric signals all around us, radiation, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the plastic in everything, the chemicals in the deodorant, emissions from coal, from gasoline, from factories..

No point in worrying about any of it because we can't stop it. Much of any 'attempt' is simply pandering for votes / sales and backroom deals that someone is making money off of.

Same reason I don't get worked up over politics- it's all bad for us if you look at it with an open mind and a wide enough lens.

The BID controls the "power grid"?? Oh boy.

hopefully this works


We are doomed as a country as a society as a species if we don’t educate our self’s … I will use this as a example… flat earth believers … we are doomed … and one last thought if there is intelligent life in the universe they are not coming here … if anything as they fly by they are rolling up there windows and locking the doors …

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Jan '22

Just shaking my head ---

4catmom 4catmom
Jan '22

Who thinks Libertythinker did that on purpose?

Roywhite Roywhite
Jan '22

I wonder if the OP used her cell phone making this post while looking at those " power structures"..that would be the ultimate irony

Jan '22

LOL. That would be the classic scenario, Bug3!

Re: Disturbing Power Grid

Don't forget about this building..cell antennas are on top in this little box.

I'm surprised the OP didn't question this with a day care in the same building.

But being placed there about 8 years ago they made it look like it was part of the building.

Tin foil hat or not, they seem to be concerned about 5g around airports......




Darrin Darrin
Jan '22

That's because the frequencies at which 5G and airliner altimeters operate overlap somewhat, which could make altimeters unreliable in times of poor visibility when pilots tend to need them most.

The FAA and FCC have only had about 5 years to figure out a solution but haven't done anything.

ianimal ianimal
Jan '22

The Automatic landing device operates at 4.2 to 4.4 Ghz on large jets. The pilots feel it is too close to 5G and want a 2 mile buffer around all major airports. Also heard this may affect helicopter landing zones which think there is one at the hospital so not sure how that would all play out.

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