Hackettstown in the news. 2022 Edition

Robert Nardone, 80, of Hackettstown, was killed in wrong way Rt80 auto accident.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
2 weeks ago

So very sad.
Thoughts and prayers go out to his family

Terrible accident.

This bum robbed Budd Lake Bagel. I just can believe how brazen he is.


It looks like the inside surveillance camera is more meant to spy on employees than to catch thieves. A "top of a hoodie" view is not so useful.

This bum robbed Budd Lake Bagel.

How much dough did he get?

dodgebaal dodgebaal
2 weeks ago

The man that died in the accident was 80 years old. Whoever is in the video is moving around like a much younger person. I don't think its the same guy.

boobalaa boobalaa
1 week ago

Uh what?

Two different sentences with two separate remarks. I purposely dropped the second remark down so it was clear it was not part of the first response to the accident post above mine.


We really don't know how many cameras are in that store. I can tell you this, a camera is always set by the register because that's where you can catch the thief. The majority of stores have it set up that way but some are even hidden.

1 week ago

Greg, I somehow thought they were talking about the same person. I can't edit so just imagine its deleted

boobalaa boobalaa
1 week ago


Most places have at least 2 cameras that are obvious, one covering the register and one pointed at the exit/entrance door. I'm not sure how many people have noticed, but there are often measurements on the door frame. That's because eyewitness testimony is often unreliable and if there are no eyewitnesses at all, you have a record of their approximate height.

The one on the register does dual duty. Most "shrinkage" or inventory loss happens from within the business, so it helps to monitor the many ways a cashier can steal from an employer, as well as cheat, or be cheated by, a scam artist customer. We had a notorious scam artist when I was ASM at the Strauss Auto in Paterson. That is, until he ran across the school teacher who worked part time as a cashier with us. She called him on it before he got away with it and called me. I said if he thought we were going to cheat him by waiting to the end of shift and not calling him if our cashier was over, then I'd count her out immediately and we could call the police to watch. He left really quickly;-)

The other reason is of course, to catch an actual robber in the act. If lighting is low, such as when the store is closed, often the video will be "noisy" (grainy) as the camera struggles to provide a picture in a low light situation. There may be many noticeable and hidden cameras to work from, depending on what emphasis the business has put on security. Of course, locking tills in a nightsafe or somewhere else secure would help too, but then not everyone thinks of this. In some cases, a disgruntled associate my take advantage of their position and leave doors propped from closing, etc., etc. Look at the footage of the Dunkin Donuts theft from a while back. They either cased the place very thoroughly and were very familiar with their operation, or...

By the way, something is screwed up here again with the website. when I went to edit after posting to remove an extra word, a popup ad appeared. When I closed it, I was sent to the main screen, NOT to the "Post removed" for editing and my post was just gone. Good thing MoFox let me back up to be able to cut, paste and edit the entry, so hopefully I can now repost. Watch it double post now, like it did last night when the same thing happened. If so, please delete my previous almost duplicate post. Thanks

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

Reckless driving for sleeping drunk in a car...seems to be a bit of a stretch


I think that's wrong - That he was charged with DWI and reckless driving.
All I know (based on the article) is that he was SLEEPING in Lowes Parking Lot.

So people are guilty (slapped with a DWI and reckless driving felonies) when someone recognizes (after a couple of drinks) was getting to him, so decided to sleep it off (whether he didn't have anyone to call, even a phone, etc. or not)?

Of course I'm sure there's a list of other actions another person would do, and understandable if he got a ticket for sleeping in a parking lot, but need more to the story to charge him so much.

aol123@aol.com aol123@aol.com
3 days ago

He will be charged with all of that stuff then have to plea most of it away. It's a money game....

Its mount olive..enough said

If this guy was above the blood alcohol limit, in his car, and his keys were assessable to him—not even in the ignition- he is guilty of drunk driving.
That’s the way the law is written.

He was still drunk at 1:00 in the afternoon, so the having a few drinks and deciding to sleep it off dog doesn't hunt.

He would also have a better argument if he was in a bar parking lot rather than a home improvement store.

if you're passed out drunk in a car and can't explain how you got there BEFORE you got drunk, you're going to get a DWI every time.

$20 says they drop the reckless in exchange for him pleading guilty to the DWI.

ianimal ianimal
3 days ago

Not Hackettstown, but Netcong. I just saw on the Channel 7 News that 3 people were rescued Lake Muskenetcong. A guy was riding his motor cycle on the lake, and he went in. Then 2 people tried to save him, and they also went in the lake. there were so many police there and they got out all 3!

MansfieldVillager MansfieldVillager
2 days ago

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