Much gratitude and appreciation to the Hackettstown resident who found a misplaced wallet on the sidewalk and turned it into the Hackettstown Police Department. Also, a sincere, "thank you", to the HPD officer who reached out and returned the wallet.
Honesty and caring are alive and well in our small town!

Evergreen'69 Evergreen'69
Jan '22

It is encouraging for sure.

I happened to find a wallet on my street a few weeks back. I quickly looked up the owner using his license and it showed his address was over 2 hours away. I remembered that an hour prior I saw a man loading furniture into an suv in front of a new neighbor's house where I found the wallet. I went and asked and it turned out it was the same person. The neighbor messaged him quickly to let him know. The man was grateful as it had a few hundred dollars in it as well as a bunch of cards etc. The bonus was the new neighbor feeling very pleased that he moved into a "kind and caring area". I said welcome to Hackettstown!

That's awesome Evergreen! I once dropped my wallet in a taxi in NYC and thank goodness the person in the taxi after me found it and contacted me! There are some good people in this world!

Thanks for posting. I lost my wallet in Walmart last year. I actually dropped it in the produce dept. (probably among the oranges, lol). Anyway, a worker returned it to customer service. I know that feeling of gratitude!
Glad someone returned your wallet.

Joyce Polack Joyce Polack
Jan '22

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