wawa gas issues?

Looking for anyone who has had problems with gas in the past few days from the wawa on mountain ave.

I did. it seems to be $1.50 per gallon overpriced....LOL

What happened to you?

Jan '22

I just got some yesterday, so far so good..

Sherry Sherry
Jan '22

What sort of problem did you see?

Jan '22

I would think that instead of the gas being a problem I would suspect condensation in the gas tank. Or possibly a fuel filter issue if your tank was all the way empty as that sucks up the layer of sediment on the bottom of your tank. I would think a can of dry gas for the first issue or fuel system additive for cleaning the fuel system for the second issue. It is very rare for any reputable station with high volume to have an issue with the quality of the gas that would affect the running of the car as long as you get the right octane level for your car.

Rough running after a fill up. Think it might have been condensation, but just checking.

could be water.
also, check tank cap and make sure it's screwed well, or replace it, if it's old or rubber seal is stiff, flat or broken (or missing!!!) - in "newer" cars that may contribute to rough idle and, even, error codes (like evap system).
Similar thing happened to me, but it wasn't at Wawa - filled with gas, drove 1/2 mile, engine stalled.
next day mechanic didn't find any fault at all and the car started. Later, a cop told me that there were numerous stalled vehicles in that area. Gas station denied everything.
Either go to court or drive away.

A loose or leaking gas cap will not result in a rough idle. It can and usually will trip a check engine light for an evaporative system leak, though.

The_Bishop The_Bishop
Jan '22

Could be that spicy sub you ate :)

My car has issues too whenever I use their gas

Vanessa Vanessa
4 days ago

I had issues too, stopped using it and now no issues. Probably watered-down gas.

I’d be interested to learn more about this. The thought of Wawa “watering down” their gas, at least to me, seems absurd. A company that big, with that much to lose would not be screwing around with their gasoline. Their gas, like every other gas station in the area comes from the same source and, besides additives put in after delivery, is exactly the same fuel.

Then again, if more than one poster has had a problem with rough running engines after using their fuel, maybe there is an issue. I honestly just can’t see it being the case.

3 days ago

Could be excessive ethanol

That's what I was thinking as well, Whip. In specified cold months the "winter blend" fuel is sold. It has a higher ethanol level. E10 here in NJ. This decreases fuel efficiency in vehicles. It is supposed to be less expensive to produce. This allows for historically lower fuel prices in the winter months. That ship has sailed. A troubling concern is Washington is now looking to have the higher E15 used year round. This will dramatically reduce fuel efficiency and some vehicles to experience issues it seems.
From the EPA:
"The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that a 10 percent ethanol blend into gasoline will decrease a car's overall fuel economy by three percent; this means that increasing ethanol to a 15 percent blend will bring the average fuel economy down 4.5 percent when compared to just straight gasoline."

This is probably a ploy to make EVs even more attractive when compared to internal combustion. Just my opinion but I think we’re heading too far, too fast into the unknown with EVs. But I suppose that’s a topic for another thread.

3 days ago

Wawa for free air and subs - top tier for gas . I was in Ledgewood today and paid 3.05 at the Sunoco on route 46 near the bowling alley for regular . I'll never understand why people flock to Wawa and QuickChek for overpriced garbage gas .

Wawa uses Chevron gasoline, a Top Tier gasoline brand.

The internet says they buy from various suppliers so it it sounds like a crap shoot which is why those places aren't on the top tier list .

You are correct. What I recalled is from a few years back now. I did a little research and discovered they use a few domestic refineries now and it is not Top Tier fuel. So one could theorize, as it does not meet EPA standard for Top Tier, it is inferior to other Top Tier brand fuels. However I'd bet that is negligible.

"This is probably a ploy to make EVs "

Could be now- but historically it was for farmer subsidies

Even 10% is bad for older cars / motorcycles / equipment.. 15% will be ARRGH

Go some last week. Running fine.

3 days ago

If WAWA gas was top tier I would expect they would state that and be listed on the Top Tier brands list. So, I am going with not top tier.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
3 days ago

WaWa gas is not "top tier" gas

Costco is top tier.

ole' timer
2 days ago

1 quart of additives added to 10,000 gallon tanker. That's all it takes to be top tier, so why not do it...

I always have an issue with the Wawa Gas no matter which gas station of their's that I have gotten it. Must just be the quality of the suppliers Wawa uses I have since switched to QuickChek Gas and have had absolutely no issues.

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