2022 M&M Car Show

Any information on the M&M Car Show happening in 2022?

MissingDiMieosPizza MissingDiMieosPizza
Dec '21

The Hackettstown Rotary presents the Memorial Motor Madness show. I don't see anything on their website yet for 2022.I still see last year's regret notice however. I'd follow it or email them and ask.


Hi is there going to be a car show at the M&M building for 2022?

Paul Miterko Paul Miterko
Feb '22

Unless Mars agrees to let the Rotary use the property in light of the on going pandemic restrictions- then all bets are off.

Rotary explored having Memorial Motor Madness at an alternate location last year but was not able to come up with a plan.

My guess is they need some sort of commitment for Mars real soon or they won’t be able to have it there.

Nothing at all on the Rotary website about the car show either.

Mars seems to have the event held hostage until another location with suitable space- facilities and parking can be found.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Feb '22

Hoping they have the show this year. Canceling again for Covid would be ridiculous in my opinion. I’ve watched an entire season’s worth of football with 80,000 maskless people sitting shoulder to shoulder. Walking around outdoors looking at cars should be perfectly acceptable in 2022.

Feb '22

It does not look good. This is the email response I got last week from the Rotary:

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your question! We haven't received an official answer from MARS regarding the car show; however, since it's already February and the event is typically held in May, I would say it certainly doesn't seem likely at this point. The Rotary Club is still exploring options for possible alternative locations and dates, so feel free to check back in as we get further into spring and I can give you any updates that might be available!

Rachel Burt, Club Secretary

There are not too many sites around that could handle the show cars and food vendors as well as the spectator parking. The only obvious choice to me would be the Concert field at Waterloo. However, I doubt highly the state will donate the use of the site as I assume Mars did. I am not sure of the business model the Rotary has for the show regarding paying for an event space.

How about this idea I offered to the rotary last year- it would involve the BID also.

Close off the entirety of Main St- 5 corners to Dollar Store. Have cars park perpendicular to the sidewalk. Should be able to fit several hundred that way. It is Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend- so most businesses won’t be open. Those that are may get some new eyeballs/business to them. A win win.

Park people at the college- Lowe’s- or the side streets or High School- people will find a way.

Vendors or food trucks would fit in also on the side streets.

What do you think BID/Rotary? We know you read this forum.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
Feb '22

that would be a logistical nightmare. Police needed for traffic control, how would you get spectators to pay? you would need entrances at every intersection colleting entry fee. It's not like a street fair or parade which are free to the public.

Jim L Jim L
Feb '22

What about Island Dragway?

Feb '22

Mars has always been a great community sponsor and having no response at this point is just ignoring the Rotary's request. IMHO.

Cops and Rodders puts on an excellent show in August so way not approach Lowe's/Wendy's for a second show in May? Who would that be hurting....unless they have an agreement with CNR. If so, go to Home Depot and ask as they have plenty of room.
Having a big car show benefits everyone in the community and those around it.

Sad to see Mars ignore & lose it as it was always a fantastic time. Maybe someone at Mars can read this and at least respond to the Rotary instead of leaving them just hanging.

MissingDiMieosPizza MissingDiMieosPizza
Feb '22

Mars is too busy worrying about cartoon m&ms being too sexy.

Philliesman Philliesman
Feb '22

I am sure it means nothing but I have emailed their customer service asking the powers that be within Mars/Wrigley to reach out and give the club an answer. I am sure it will fall on deaf ears but at least something was tried. Looking forward to the canned response.

Very Sad to see this wonderful show become another victim of the pandemic.

MissingDiMieosPizza MissingDiMieosPizza
Feb '22

Did I miss something? I thought the covid restrictions on outdoor gatherings were LONG over. Why would they cite restrictions as the reason the show can’t go on?

Ask Hershey to sponsor it somewhere like the high school, and Mars will come back pretty darn quick!

Feb '22

Just heard the car show is on for this year. Sunday of Memorial Day weekend as always. Hope everyone can attend. Great show.

Doc South was just booked to dj it at M&M mars this year

Sandy Tomlinson
Feb '22

WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! Sign me up!!!!!!

MissingDiMieosPizza MissingDiMieosPizza
Feb '22


LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Feb '22

Good to hear. At least this tradition has not been canceled! Also, the Rotary can continue to do the good work they do with the proceeds from this event.

Hooray! Thank you, M&M.

Wonderful One Wonderful One
Feb '22

Hi what day will car show be held on thank you.

Paul Miterko Paul Miterko
February 20th

Traditionally the show is held on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, which this year is May 29th.

I still have not seen anything official on the Rotary website about it.

Hopefully it is true.

The Rhyme Animal The Rhyme Animal
February 20th

It's always Sunday the day prior to Memorial day. May 29th this year.

My husband and I miss going. What about Rockaway Mall,? They never fill thier parking lots any more.

Tracy L Holt Tracy L Holt
February 22nd

We have Website!!!


(hehehe "Type Caption Here")

At least the Wheels of MM are rolling again!!!!

MissingDiMieosPizza MissingDiMieosPizza
February 22nd

I might have missed it, but is the M&M Spring festival going to happen this year? TIA

Pumpkin43 Pumpkin43
March 1st

The spring festival held on the fields near Hatchery Hill School is not taking place this year.
From the BID website:

Spring Festival Update

After much thought and careful consideration, we have decided to cancel this year’s Spring Festival, originally scheduled for May 6th – May 8th.

The Spring Festival is made up of many moving parts, with most reservations and arrangements being made several months in advance. On the heels of two years of a pandemic, critical pieces of the event were not able to come together in time for the BID to adequately present this time-honored event that so many look forward to.

Understandably, this is disappointing news for many. We appreciate our loyal Spring Festival attendees and we hope to see you at a new, family-friendly event to be held on May 14th in the Hackettstown BID district. This new event will incorporate the BID’s Maifest – a popular event that has been growing each year. Be on the lookout for more information.

As we adjust our schedules yet again during this unusual time, thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing everyone in person again soon!

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