Pull on pants

My mom is in her 80s. She wears elastic waist pull on pants. They are either 100 percent cotton or 97. I think they must be extinct. Does anyone know where I can get her new ones? I have searched stores and the internet. All I am finding is knit pants, polyester, skin tight leggings, flared legs, capris, way too baggy, etc. The only pair I have seen that look decent are from LL Bean. She said no way is she paying $50 for pants and forbidden me to buy them for her.

Nutcracker Nutcracker
December 21st

Try Googling "elastic waist cotton pants for woman or try elderly woman". When I did it there were many various sites and reasonably priced.

Also in plus sizes:


Check out Ebay...

Did you try Walmart or kohl’s?

Try Boscovs my Mom buys her pull on pants there

Mom of 1
December 22nd

Not sure, but try Blair, on-line.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
December 22nd

Alfred Dunner was the first brand that popped in my head. I know JcPenney always carried them.

Just thought about Blair...almost all of their slacks are pull-on

Land's End carries them as well.


Leggings are a good choice. They are the rage amongst women today. Comfortable and pull on.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
December 22nd

Re: Pull on pants

Get my 90 yr old Mothers pull on at ll bean..very durable. Also Walmart good place to check and lands end good suggestion.

Golden rule Golden rule
December 22nd

Thank you all for responding. I think Boscovs may be the best bet. I haven't been there in quite some time. Plus I'll get to see them before buying.

Nutcracker Nutcracker
December 22nd

For my mom I bought her leggings from Chico. They were cotton and had a wide waistband. She was very petite and small sized but I got her a larger size so they wouldn’t be skin tight. The look was really nice and they looked like well fitting slacks.

Good days Good days
4 weeks ago

QVC own brand - Denim and Co. - has many types of pull-on elastic waist pants - some w/ pockets on side,etc. plus different sizes from XXS - 5X in different heights - petite, regular and tall. Some knit/some cotton blends, etc. Ship right to you to try on - ship back what you don't want.

Hi, absolutely know the best company with the best pricing.


Many others on their site.

Woman Within- takes about 2 weeks to get items but they LAST.
Can't beat their $$ and value.
I use them for active wear duties (not shopping but chores) and they wear and WASH fantastically!

Hope this helps :)

To ajms - I just checked out woman within. I sent them an email because the pants my mom wants to try are supposed to be part of their warehouse sale, $8.99. when we looked at the pants it shows $8.99 to $29.99. I clicked on every size and color and they all come up as $29.99. besides this possible glitch the site looks promising. Thank you.

Nutcracker Nutcracker
3 weeks ago

I think i saw that Marshall's had some of them on sale.

Hackresident Hackresident
3 weeks ago

I agree re: Woman Within - my grandmother shopped using their mail order catalog 20 years ago and my mom, now in her 80’s, orders via their website today. Good quality and nice variety.

I second Boscovs. After looking absolutely everywhere I went there. Inexpensive and wide variety

You can check out Poshmark or other reselling websites.

Curious Commuter
2 weeks ago

Have taken care of 2 grandmother's and one grandfather finding things like elastic waists and Velcro shoes can be hard - try this old timey catalogs website - it helped me more then once and prices are very fair!


ARagamuffin ARagamuffin
2 weeks ago

Land's End as mentioned works the best.

Try Amazon. I've gotten a few clothing items for myself and hubby, and they were surprisingly nice. Read the reviews.

USAfirst USAfirst
1 week ago

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