new allamuchy general store with new name, owners

Has anyone heard about the Allamuchy general store reopening with new owners, new concept, and new name?

I've driven by recently and seen no sign of any activity.........

Nope have not heard anything about it.

The food was fantastic before, and the 'theme' or concept was cool too, if that was all him it may be hard to recreate, but good luck to anyone who takes it on, looking forward to going back there the way it was!

December 8th

I hope they put prices on their menu!

One would think that with it’s proximity to Panther Valley (thousands of households) and right by the Rte. 80 ramp, it’s a Goldmine waiting to happen.

Hope the new owner(s) are a bit more personable.

December 9th

Are they looking for a grumpy greeter?

As of this morning it was up to be leased at $4000 a month. Anyone know how Dean is?

$4K??? Insane

See below

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
December 9th

4K a month for rent you gotta sell a lot of French toast just to break even good luck !

The rent is higher as it is being sold fully equipped. So somebody looking to run a restaurant can just pay the $4K monthly without having to worry about buying anything else.

I don't see it stating lease to buy. It is a rental fully equipped at 4k plus a month.

So I’m guessing that with the two additional rental units in the building, the owner believes the total rental income should be around $7,500-$8,000 a month.
Sounds a little rich to me.

Same reason the public house is Chester is sitting vacant for years now...

Don't overpay for rent that the greedy boomer wants. You will just spin your wheels and go broke.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
December 10th

I wish them luck and hope they find a tenant soon. I miss having breakfast there.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
December 10th

^^^agreed plus utilities / food cost and payroll. I’ll enjoy being a customer again but good luck!

Only there a couple of times over the years but the asking price, a nut/3x net, $4K/mo lease would, most likely, not be supported by the past business results or to be anticipated by any future ones.

Agreed on all comments about the $4k/mo rent/lease. However, maybe if one of the "ALSO IN SAME BUILDING 3BR APARTMENT AVAILABLE AND 2 BR APARTMENT AVAILABLE" is included to the 4k (where the new deli-owner would live upstairs) that may be worth the "GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY-TURNKEY" to completely turn it around and serve the community for the food business in that rural area.
December 10th

I had a good breakfast there way before the virus hit . Such a shame!

Went by today. There is a banner hanging up saying new owners calling the place Taste,opening soon.

Past by the location twice today.
Once this AM at 9:30- two fellows entering- no sign.
This afternoon approx. 3:00.
Sign on side of building-“Coming soon TASTE”
( I believe it said ‘Taste’).
But definitely coming soon.

Yay!! Glad to hear it..

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
December 10th

Seems like they are setting up to open in January! Same general store design inside. They're keeping the ice cream and deli cases. Open for breakfast and lunch and grab and go meals. Looking forward to supporting this new business in our area

Sounds great! Could always use another option for Breakfast/Lunch! Wonder how expensive the prices will be considering the price of the rent!

Looks like Taste is open or about to. Here’s the link to their website, with menu and hours

Local Gal Local Gal
2 weeks ago

Looks good!

Thanks for sharing the menu!

Menu? Prices?

Looks like a great option! Let's all give them a bit of grace while they open :)

Will have to give it a try. I wish they would have used actual photos of the food they prepare instead of stock online photos, but certainly not a deal breaker.

I was curious: Comparison to IHOP cost of Pancakes updated December 2021:

Double Blueberry Pancakes $6.79
Original Buttermilk Pancakes $5.69
Harvest Grain 'N Nut Pancakes $6.99

I think the atmosphere at Allamuchy General Store might be different than IHOP. We will definitely give it a try.

Does anybody know if Dean has recovered? Hopefully he has.

Does anybody know the new owners? I'm guessing they're local. I don't know.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
2 weeks ago

Very disappointed that they’re not offering any gluten-free options. That was one of the wonderful things about the Allamuchy General Store Café… They had excellent options for those of our family that have to follow a GF diet.

Really missing having a great breakfast and lunch place right around the corner from us.

Aren't the omelettes and breakfast skillets all gluten-free?


Good point. Not only are omelets gluten free, but they also have salads that are gluten free and I suspect any burger can be served without the bun

Local Gal Local Gal
2 weeks ago

Nine dollars for two M and M pancakes? $2.25 for toast? A little expensive, it seems, but IF food and service are good, then that makes all the difference.

2 weeks ago

They have to figure out a way to pay that $4K a month in rent!

It's $9 for three M&M pancakes, not two.

The Flemington Diner charges $10 for M&M pancakes and $3 for toast.

Key City Diner charges $9.19 for chocolate chip pancakes and $3.69 for toast.

ianimal, yes, of course those are gluten-free but it’s such a nice thing to be able to eat toast or a sandwich or burger on bread or a roll. I think the prices are fair and we don’t mind paying more for any gluten-free baked goods.

Good luck to the new owners. Great location and great setting. Bring a positive attitude and good food and you will be fine

Michigan Michigan
2 weeks ago

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