Smart Cell Phones/Chargers/Batteries

I have a few questions about Smart Phones/Chargers and Batteries. I hope someone can answer this.

How do you know that your Smart Phone needs a new battery (and if so, WHO in/around Hackettstown replaces Smart Phone Batteries?)

At work today, I used my charger, and it only went up 1% in 15 minutes!! Can I assume that the CHARGER isn't working, or something is wrong with my cell phone?

If you charge it beyond 100%, by 1 hour, can that ruin the battery or phone?

Thank you!

Hackresident Hackresident
November 29th

What brand of phone do you have?

For example, iPhones have a setting to check battery health. I would guess others may have a similar feature.

Hi sometimes the portal where the cord goes into is not functioning properly.
Make sure that the phone is constantly charging and is on a level surface while being charged. Watch the "battery" portion of the phone to look for the number going up steadily....
Also, sometimes it can actually be the cord itself as well.
How old is your cord? It may be a good idea to get a new one now as well.
Most cords can be found online for under $20.

Anyway, if that is still not working, perhaps your phone is getting tired, lol.
If it is the battery, it usually will charge the same as normal but drops to next to nothing rather quickly.
Hope this helps :)

My advice is to get a life beyond being a cell phone zombie . Lost a couple of friends coming to visit that stared at their phones the whole time . Don't really miss them and since I'm not texting them or on braindead dumbo social media I doubt they even notice in their fart phone daze of reality .

BTW many newer phones are built with batteries that can not be changed . Kill the battery throw the phone out . Perfect for today's don't fix anything society .

^ What newer phones can you not change batteries? Maybe low-end ones?

Many smartphones from Apple/Samsung have batteries that need to be replaced by technicians (or very skilled people with the appropriate tools) but at least they can be changed if needed.

I definitely miss the fact that Samsung went the "wired in" battery route. I liked the earlier replaceable batteries and never had one fail anyway. One good reason for the change, is that a soldered connection is more reliable than spring contacts, where oxidation can build up between the contacts, causing charging and usage issues. The bad part, of course, is that when you need to change the battery out if it fails, you need to have skills, or to find someone with the appropriate skills, tools and knowledge.

It is a Samsung phone, about $180. about 2 years old only.

I went home last night and charged it with a different charger, and I charged it to 92%. it is now on 91% this morning. i didn't use t he phone at all since then, 97XBAM !

i think it was the metal piece (the portal, as told above), as i noticed the last 2 weeks at work, for some reason the cord from the plug-in was tight, and i probably pulled it to get close enough to the plug-in part of the phone. i bet t hat i messed up the metal part.

So some phones you have to get the battery changed, to continue it's life to be able to be charged?

My last phone, I overcharged it 2x, over 100% by 1-2 hours, and it blew the battery. but the phone was 10 years old. i bet overcharging it ruins the phone or battery, am i right?

Do you need to get the same brand charger again? Where is a good place to get these? Thank you.

Hackresident Hackresident
November 30th

I know of 2 people that got rid of their expensive phones, because it didn't charge anymore!! Come to find out, that they only needed to change the phone battery........

Love this Forum for help and advice!!

Hackresident Hackresident
November 30th


In a well-lit area, look at the charge/download port. Use a magnifying glass, if needed. Many times pocket lint, etc. will build up in there. That's what it sounds like, or at least in part. If so, you may be able to take a DRY, wooden toothpick and carefully tease it out of there. You could also use a vacuum to clear out the remainder, but it needs to be either one of the hobby mini ones, or one made for computer cleaning, or just hold the wand of a regular one further away from it, not right in contact with it.

I wouldn't recommend compressed air to blow it out really, since that can also drive remnants into the phone, causing other problems, usually if it's not a water-resistant rated model. Best of luck!

A battery that appears to charge quickly but has low output is an indication the battery is bad and should be replaced.

I have an S8 and got my replacement charger on Ebay for less than 1/2 of what the big stores charge for them.
Make sure that it is for your brand/model phone though.
There are generally two different ends (one of which is right for your phone) so make sure you order from a dealer that either asks you to input your phone info. or shows really detailed pictures of the chargers.
Anyway hope that helps :)


Should you get the same brand charger as your phone? In this case, it is a Samsung.

Hackresident Hackresident
November 30th

I have a Samsung phone and have at leat six different chargers and cables all over my house. My phone charges correctly on any cable I used from ones from Amazon, Woot, Walmart and even an Autozone one I got in an emergency. They all work just fine as long as the charger has 3 watts to charge. I even have some multiple USB outlet chargers for travleing anf never an issue.

Thank you all for advice!

Hackresident Hackresident
December 1st

It’s pretty simple to diagnose, and you follow the path you would follow with anything that isn’t working. First, ask someone who has the same phone and who knows their charger is working if you can try theirs. If your phone charges then you know it’s not your phone. Then it’s either your cable or your cube. Swap one of those out and try to charge your phone, etc.

We’ve had smart phones for 10+ years and have gone through 10+ cables and cubes. They’re not made to last. That being said, we keep our phones longer than most and I have never had a battery go bad. Except once when we charged it and unknowingly left it in the sun. It overheated and exploded.

The only battery I've had go bad was on one of my earliest Motorola flip phones. I've actually never had a battery or charger (including cable) issue since the first one I owned, but then, I guess it depends on how you maintain things, as well.

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