Town Residents Interested In Serving On a Board

Just saw this on the town's website. It looks like there are openings if anyone is interested. It seems as many comments in the past were about the LUB, so here is your chance to have an official say!!

"Looking for any town residents who have an interest in serving on a Municipal Board, Commission, or Authority. Several openings are available. You can email your interest to the Town Administrator at":

Not interested in serving on a board BUT this coming Friday is the last leaf pickup day.

There are leaves galore in front of my house and they are going to wash down the town drain and clog the sewer lines.

I am sure the same in front of your house also.

Thanks Richie, but I won't hold my breath waiting for a HLer to sign up to be on any of our boards.

Well Bernie, I highly doubt that the catch basins and sewer lines connect in any way so I don't believe that the sewer lines will get clogged from leaves.

Do I qualify if I live in panther valley ?

no, Hackettstown residents only.

Ah almost

Actually Jim I am very interested, I was wondering if you know which one of the boards have vacancies.

For what it's worth Bernie leaves are not to be placed in the roadway! They are to be put on the grass between the curb and sidewalk as per instructions on the DPW page. That avoids the issue.

Back to the post at hand. Get involved folks.

Drew - Don't let that stop your enthusiasm. Call up the Allamuchy Town Hall and ask if they have any openings.

Njchia........I contacted town hall and was informed that the vacancies are on the Land Use Board, Board of Health, and Historic Preservation Commission. The message on the Town Website says to email if interested.

Greg I know where to put my leaves. BUT take a look around and see where the majority of leaves are!!!!!

Go ahead, tell me, there are no leaves in front of your house.

Getting back to the post at hand: Are YOU involved in Serving on a Board?


Richie is correct. Sanitary sewer systems are not connected to storm drains. The sewer lines go to the waste treatment plant. Stormwater runoff overloading the waste treatment plant would not be a good thing.

Yea Bernie, Greg is on a town board. Oops there goes your keyboard warrior flex

Yes a small amount of leaves are in front of my house on the grass as I have a storm drain in front of my property. You stated " I have leaves galore in front of my house and they are going to wash down the town drain and clog the sewer lines." That suggests you or an agent of yours put them there essentially in defiance of the request by the DPW. No need to get defensive I was not calling you out. I was just stating that leaves should not be in the road particularly if a drain is near. Common sense that's all.

Yes, I am serving on a board as Jim pointed out.

Hmm, for me, the Historic Preservation Commission sounds most interesting and is most in line with what I'm already doing. I just wouldn't want to find that due to work and my other position, etc that I wouldn't be able to give the position the time and effort it, and the town, deserves.

Sounds like fun. I think I will sign up!

dodgebaal dodgebaal
November 30th

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