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Does anyone know of a salvage garage around? The engine blew in my son's car and he has spent so much money replacing other parts. He hoped to get back some of the money dispensed

You can try Port Murray Auto Salvage,

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
November 26th

There are a few yards around local. 57 Auto Salvage, Brass Castle Auto Salvage, Port Murray Auto Salvage, Roxbury Auto Wreckers etc.

The issue with all of them is they will only pay the scrap price for the car. A few hundred dollars at best. Unfortunately they do not care if every single part on the car is new. That's just how it works with auto wreckers.

His best bet if he is not interested or if it is not financially feasible to replace the engine, is to put it online and sell it as is. Lots of folks look for cars needing an engine. Depending on year, make and model it may be desirable or at least worth the effort for someone to buy it and repair or replace the engine then flip it. I have done this a few times over the years as a hobby or when a great deal presents itself.

As an aside what is the vehicle and was it diagnosed by a mechanic? I bought a very nice Audi A6 that "had a bad motor" for $300. Turned out it was just overfilled by 8 quarts of oil.I drained the oil replaced an O2 sensor and drove if for 2 years! Then sold it for close to $3000....

Is it worth getting another opinion Greg? The car is down near Rutgers and mechanic said $4000+ for new engine. Could that be?

Most definitely. That sounds high for sure.

If it was in the $2800 range that is realistic. However $4000 could be a new crate engine etc. Again the make and model makes a big difference as well as what type of repair shop it is. At the end of the day he needs to look at it and figure could he replace the car at the price of a replaced engine. I would guess no particularly with the price of used cars up over 25% these days. My neighbor just did the same thing with his car. It needed a $4000 transmission replacement. He had the car since new and maintained it well. At the end of he day a $4000 car would have been a much lesser car than what he had. The logical decision for him was to replace the transmission.

I had to put an engine in my old Chevy HHR. Fortunately for me the engine in that car was also in about 5 other GM cars. I found an engine on EBay with less mileage than the bad engine I had. The cost was about $500 to $600 plus $100 shipping. I shipped right to the mechanic who installed for under $1000. The engine had a warranty of a couple of years for a slight extra cost.

That's perfect, MK. That worked out well for you.

About 10 years ago my sister had a 6 year old Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally with about 80k on it. Timing belt went and killed the engine. The mechanic it was towed to stated simply the car was not worth the 4-5k for a new engine. He was so kind and offered to "get rid of it" for her at no cost. As soon as she told me I went to have a stern chat armed with the current value of the car,12k plus a line on an engine with under 10k miles on it for $700. Obviously he was attempting to rip her off and I clearly told him so. I took the car, ended up getting that engine, installing it and had one of my son's drive it for a year or so. We later sold it for quite a healthy sum.

The moral of the story is do some homework and get another opinion if possible.

Was that a mechanic on Main Street in Hackettstown?

No he was on Route 10 in Roxbury, near Eyland Ave. An Exxon at the time I believe it was.

he wants to get it on craigslist list and sell as is, wont even get a second opinion.
Wish it was in town Greg, I would pay you to help us with it

Rose- as asked above- what is the make / model / year / miles...?

All of that makes a HUGE difference...

There are old cars that are still worth tens of thousands without engines...

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