Sound Missing on Weather Channel

The weather Channel on Xfinity/ Comcast has no sound since yesterday. Anyone else having issues?

No sound for me either.

What Comcast station is that on? it used to be on channel 33.

Hackresident Hackresident
2 weeks ago

Thank you Rich...yes it is channel 33. At least now I know it a system issue. I hate calling tech saved me a phone call!

Sounds like it was a significant annoyance for you. You can call Comcast and ask for a credit which they do give when issues like this happen.

happiest girl
2 weeks ago

I contacted Comcast this morning via chat. Since it seems to be a widespread issue, he is opening a service ticket.

My agent checked with his supervisor and the issue had not yet been reported. I told him that no one calls in because trying to get in touch with someone is frustrating!

He sent this link:

The ticket has been set up and sent to the Tier 2 repair team. I was told usually if its a widespread issue it would show on their outage board. But as its not showing up this issue could be just with the node / line that serves our area.

I'll keep you posted.

Hickory Dog
2 weeks ago

Hickory Dog, thank you so very much! You would think with all their technology that it would have shown up without anyone calling in!?! Interesting....

Sounds like the weather is fighting back. Jim Cantore better watch his back.

Dong Sherman
2 weeks ago

I have been wondering if my tv was acting up, but all other channels have sound! So weird!

2 weeks ago

I chatted on the xfinity website this am for the same issue. Go there, request a human in the chat box. They had me do a few things - which didn't help - then they finally directed my request to the "repair" area. I left the house for an hour. Sound was on when I got home. Tell them others in the area are having the same problem.

tmb6123 -

the sound is back on my tv -- I think you might have fixed it for all of us.

happiest girl
2 weeks ago

Thank goodness the world will not end now.

2 weeks ago

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