Oral Surgeon Recommendation

I am in need of an Oral Surgeon for 2 difficult procedures which cannot be done by our Dentist or Endodontist. If you have used an Oral Surgeon and it worked out good for you or you know someone who has had successful Oral Surgery please let me know their name. Thank you.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
Nov '21

D. Bogart is amazing

Bogart has done two wisdom teeth for me and I would recommend him.

I recommend Dr. Steven Bogart in Hackettstown and Dr. Harleen Kaur in Denville. They both operated on my daughter with successful results.

dan l dan l
Nov '21

I just took my son to Hackettstown Oral Surgery (Dr. Bogart), and Dr. Harleen Kaur performed the surgery. Dr. Kaur was excellent! Highly recommend.

Jenny Jenny
Nov '21

Dr Kaur just performed two extractions for me. She was wonderful. She also has an office in Denville which is where I had my procedure

Hi if no luck above I used St. Luke's Oral in Easton Pa they were excellent.

I believe Dr. Bogart is now focusing on implants. I called to have my daughter's wisdom teeth done & that's what I was told. We instead went to Randolph Oral Surgery, they have several offices. One is right across from the hospital. She hasn't had the procedure done yet, but they had tons of good reviews.

Brenda Brenda
Nov '21


Nov '21

I actually am using Randolph Oral surgery out of Hackettstown and Flanders offices. I am very pleased with outcomes and work done. I had Dr. Graywall. She was very good.

Dr. Cohen in Denville is amazing!

Alyssa Alyssa
Nov '21

One more vote for Dr. Bogart.

Bemused Bemused
Nov '21

May 3, where is Dr. Kaur's office in Denville
What is it near/next to in the Acme Plaza

Used Randolph Oral Surgery out of Hackettstown for the removal for adult wisdom teeth which is a bit tricky. They were really good.

bonv25 bonv25
Dec '21

Have had personal experience with Dr Bogart here in town. He is the best.

Bernie Bernie
Dec '21

Dr Kaur’s office is on the street that is beside the Acme Plaza (it used to be an A&P). Turn right onto Indian Rd just after you go under the overpass (if you’re coming from the center of Denville). Her building is on the left……basically it’s behind the supermarket.

My son just had a wisdom tooth removed by Dr. Plansky in Newton. She was wonderful!

LadySkiDog LadySkiDog
Dec '21

My husband just had a wonderful experience with Dr. Kaur in Denville, they’ll even put you to sleep if necessary!

Kelleo22 Kelleo22
Dec '21

Dr. Sosna in Newton, removed all 4 wisdom teeth and accepts most insurance including state insurance; at least he did a few years ago

Animallove Animallove
Dec '21

Sorry to hijack someone else's question but mine was closed.

"My back tooth broke and I'm pretty sure there's nothing left there to grab on to for extraction. Has anyone had experience with this kind of thing with an oral surgeon in our area? I've read good things about Dr. Bogart on this forum but not sure if this is something that can be done in a regular office or requires going to a hospital or what? It seems like it's going to require surgery under anesthesia.

Advice of any kind would be great even with finding good dental insurance, as my dental plan expires in less than a month anyway. (Except traveling to Rutgers isn't an option)"

1 week ago

Any oral surgeon needs to see it to be able to answer whether they need to cut or can pull it. Ask for a consultation. Get opinions from both Bogart and Randolph, both have gotten thumbs up here.

Which way it goes depends on what kind of insurance covers it. It may well be under medical instead of dental. So questions there depend on the consultation.

Bogart and Gugala were both great. I've had procedures by both. The do surgery with anesthesia right in the office. Just watch the pricing Ann's up sells. Things changed in a coupe years between my two visits and they tried to charge a small fortune second time around.

Good luck Good luck
1 week ago

I had a tooth like that. My regular dentist had my oral surgeon Dr. Sosna take it out but I was also having all 4 wisdom teeth removed at the same time so I don't know if it was just to save a trip/procedure. I have state insurance and it was covered in full

Animallove Animallove
1 week ago

I had tooth extraction and dental post implant done at Randolph Oral Surgery in Hackettstown and Dr Grewal did a fantastic job. They do have offices all over the place.

NJMetMan NJMetMan
4 days ago

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