Asbestos tile

Has anybody recently had asbestos tile removed if so who did you use? Did you like them?

Irisheyes Irisheyes
October 14th

Do it yourself ..its not really the dangerous like most think..its only bad if it gets air born..put some water on the area to be removed and have at it....

Disposal is a real issue. Check with Warren County Dump on how it is be prepared after removal. You cannot just dump it.

All goes in the ocean eventually.. we all recycle right? Millions of bottles eveyday in nj goes to the local recycling plant to get processed..hmmmm where are these processing plants at?

Big Bob, the recycling facility for Warren County is right next the dump. The compositble garbage at the dump is underground and a far cry from any ocean.

So they melt down and make all new cans and bottles ect... from all the recyclables collected from the residents of warren county? Im impressed! So your saying every county in nj has its own recycling center that does the same? I was wondering how it was processed.. somebody told me they truck it to Pennsylvania but I did not believe them .. how do you truck millions and millions of bottles and other recyclable materials to another state to be recycled melted down processed.. just doesn't seem efficient

I guess my doing my small part to recycle means nothing. If everyone did recycle then there wouldn't be a so much of an issue. But some people would rather complain than do anything about it.

Agreed, MK

Yeah agreed ..people always complaining and not doing there part..atleast i put my recyclables in the recycling bin even though I have see the garbage man put both containers garbage and recyclables in the same bin in the same truck atleast i can say I try..

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