Was wondering if any others have noticed the unusual amount of dead and decaying deer in the area due to the spread of EHD.

For the average person once the animal has expired, it is difficult to determine if that is what killed the deer. In addition this time of year sees a spike in deceased deer along the roadways for the obvious reasons. There has been confirmed outbreaks here in NJ however.

EHD is hitting NJ hard in a number of areas. Low wet areas. Swamps. Creek bottoms. Midges were driven north by those heavy rains a month ago. Deer breath them in in their bedding areas and become infected. They develop a fever and go to water to cool down. Death comes in 8 to 36 hours. Really a bummer to see. Can wipe out 75 percent of the herd in an area.

Fishmaker Fishmaker
6 days ago

Yeah that kind of confirms what I've been seeing, in the river bottoms far from cars with no arrow holes in them.

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