Is anyone missing their cat

Is anyone missing their cat

I am giving this one more attempt and hopefully someone claims this beautiful cat.

Is anyone missing their cat in the vicinity of Warren Street Hackettstown? I have been feeding him faithfully at night for the last 2 months. I tried to trap him, but he is waay too smart and I wind up with a raccoon instead. Lol! And No! He doesn't come during the day.. Only at night. If no one claims him I just plan on building him an outdoor shelter and continuing to feed him. I named him Grayston

It sounds as if Grayston has a new semi-home and you have a new friend!
Thank you for your kindness.

Evergreen'69 Evergreen'69
October 13th

I met this cat I'm on mountain ave I fed him last few years when it snowed bad and he lived under my shed for some time. he's just a local stray don't catch him he's smart and skiddish. But can hold his own watched him kill a crow as big as himself a few years ago. First started seeing him 4 years ago he comes and go's

Jacqui - It's FANTASTIC that your feeding him/her but in the pic kitty does not have a clipped ear which may mean it's not been spayed or neutered - if that's the case it's going to aid in the perpetual kitten issue - please keep trying to trap - zip tie or bungee the trap open for awhile and feed in it - try some cheap sardines (Walmart like $1 a can) - then when it's comfortable eating inside remove the tie - I know the racoons are a pain and can be mean - have caught many - be careful!

Noah's ark (aka St Huberts) or Hackettstown PAL might have a similar offer - will sell a TNR (trap, neuter, return) certificate good at several vets for $50 that will get kitty fixed, rabies, distemper ear tipped and I think microchipped so if it's trapped again they will know where it came from. Providing a good - insulated shelter full of yellow straw (not hay or blankets which hold wet) and kitty will have a wonderful place to get out of the snow, rain and wind. No matter how savvy they are life is really hard on the street for what was meant to be a domestic house pet not a wild animal.... Your kindness and protection can mean the difference between life and death. And you will have far fewer rodents on your property (no poisons or pesticides though kitty eats poisoned mouse kitty dies too!

There is tons of advice on simple, cheap warm feral shelters & feral caregiving online - if you have a place to put it where it can be out of the weather a little like under a porch or on a covered porch or in a shed even better but much can be done with what you have I have even tucked shelters under 2 cheap plastic outdoor chairs covered with a tarp held down with bricks.... Or have taken the shelter and tucked it inside of a large old outdoor trashcan... Odds are this kitty like way to many others was a throw away - someone moved and simply left it behind - happens all the time - some people suck - then there are those like you who try to do the right thing. Bless you!

There are many kitty lovers and feral caregivers on this forum im sure if you have ? Or need guidance they will jump in and help I too have learned much from some over the years. Having a pic is great - give kitty a name and use it when you talk to it or call it - and try to make sure you see it regularly - if it goes missing post here and call animal control - so people can keep an eye out for it. I've cared for a small colony for a long time - even make sure to have someone come feed if I go out of town.... so kitty doesn't wander to bother some other yard with a cat hater that might do something bad.... Someone once told me that feral cats are proof that you can love what you can't touch - truth is sometimes that becomes possible too - ask the 3 I have that now live a safe, warm & happy life indoors!

God bless you - praying for a better winter then last year - snow covered shelters and had to be dug out.... Your kitty friend will be grateful for sure!

A. Ragamuffin A. Ragamuffin
October 26th

A. Ragamuffin,
is this the hay you are speaking of?

Just a reminder that cats also require licenses too.

Tx DH and A.Raggamuffin. It seems this cat gets around for I know another house he also shows up to for food. It makes my heart melt knowing this poor stray cat is being well taken care of. CJ you don't have to license an outdoor stray "feral cat"! For no one owns it....

AJMS here is a link thru Amazon of straw you can buy for outdoor cat Shelters...
This is what I use every winter when I build outdoor shelters for feral cat colonies. If you want to know how to build an outdoor shelter feel free to pm me..

I gather Grayston has become the friendly neighborhood cat... It makes me so happy our community is taking care of him.. I only wished though that someone would claim him..

Leave the outdoor STRAY cats alone---they don't need a License. You're opening up an Un-needed yearly can of worms!

Hackresident Hackresident
October 28th

Hackresident are you going to come take the one that keeps coming on my property and messing things up?

This one likes wires. I have caught it chewing on my trailer wires and not just once.

CJ: Don't do anything to k-ill the cat, please!!

Capture it and bring it to Noah's Ark in Ledgwood, Rt. 46, now called something else.

MansfieldVillager MansfieldVillager
October 29th

I wouldn't kill,. I'm not that kind of person. But I would definitely capture it and take to a place.

There is also an unlicensed house cat with a bell on it's collar that has gotten into fights with this cat.

That cat is annoying as hell. It like to dig up around plants and lay at the base of them. Before you know it, half the plant is dead.

As for straw just go to Tickners right on Main street and purchase a bale of yellow straw - I bring a giant trash bag have them help me slide it inso it doesn't get all over the car or the garage and it stays dry.... Not fancy just straw not hay they are not the same....

Aragamuffin Aragamuffin
4 weeks ago

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