Homing pigeon

Are there any homing pigeon clubs nearby that would take a lost pigeon if I can ever catch it. It showed up Sunday 10/3. It's fine, just coming around every day for food and water. It has a band on each leg. I have already reached out to those contacts and I doubt it will go any further since they are in California. They don't know if the bird flew here or if it was transported. They said they usually only rest up for two days and since it's going on a week it's probably not leaving. They told me it won't survive the winter so I was hoping to find it a home before then.

Nutcracker Nutcracker
Oct '21

Here’s an old (closed) thread with some info. There’s a few links on pigeon groups in there.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Oct '21

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