Toddler Activities

Hello everyone, My family is new to the area. We have a two year old and we're wondering if anyone could make any suggestions for fun activities or classes geared to little ones. Whether in Hackettstown or the surrounding area, any suggestions are welcome! Thank you!

Newintown Newintown
2 weeks ago

Google Music Together and see if there is a class locally. I did them with my child about 10 years ago in Hackettstown. Not sure if they are still offered there but could be in Chester now.

Play Away on Main Street

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
2 weeks ago

The library on Church street has wonderful toddler activities. Also contact the Midwives of NJ. They have a free weekly playgroup for kids under the age of 5. I believe they meet at the office in Mount Olive and at local playgrounds.

If your looking at something seasonal, Tranquillity Farms had a lot of stuff that a toddler would enjoy going on for pumpkin picking season.

Makomiller1984 Makomiller1984
2 weeks ago

There is a hackettstown moms group on Facebook to check out.

Masks Fortheugly Masks Fortheugly
2 weeks ago

Thank you all so much! This is great.

Newintown Newintown
2 weeks ago

Van Thun Farms in Washington has a maze and children's activities.
Tickets are available online.

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