Trailer Establishment in Maria Bonita Parking Lot

This week I have noticed there is a pop-up trailer establishment in the parking lot of Maria Bonita. Does anyone have any information on this establishment? I am very interested and may like to be a merchant but I know nothing about it.

Curious Commuter
2 weeks ago

How about giving the restaurant a call? I am certain they could answer your question as it is in their parking lot.

To answer the question,, a coffee trailer, sounds great but I can't get there given their hours. Might be some baked goods and gourmet coffee, but don't quote me on the specifics.

Songbird Songbird
2 weeks ago

It’s called Omi’s coffee house. Amazing. They are there Tuesday-Friday from 6:30-noon.

Dolce_Vita Dolce_Vita
2 weeks ago

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