Russling Road

Hi I am I interested in a house on Russling Rd. in Independence.
How bad it the traffic on this road? If anyone
lives on the block, do you hear the car/truck traffic early in morning?.
Also, coming off Russling Rd to merge onto 46 seems a bit dangerous. Are there a lot of accidents at this intersection?

Thanks in advance for any info.

CuriousK CuriousK
2 weeks ago

There is quite a bit of traffic on the road, a lot of cars fly down the road 40-50 mph and the cops don't seem to do much about it, anyway it's a beautiful road and the intersection really isn't that bad.

Songbird Songbird
2 weeks ago

We have lived in the area of Russling Road on a street going out onto Rte 46 as well for over 32 years and Yes, Highway 46 can be a bit busy with traffic going eastbound into town at times and also people going too fast but just be careful as you would anywhere you drive and you should be just fine. Russling Road is a very nice area of Independence Twsp.

“Bad traffic” is a very relative thing I suppose. If your moving from rural Vermont, it’s like grand central station there. If you’re moving out from the city, it’s Little House on the Prairie levels of traffic.

2 weeks ago

Thank you everyone who replied. We're in Flanders now and spent 10 years listening to Toll Brothers developments being built. So we were definitely looking for a more quiet block. And a little more rural setting. Love the area of Independence but not sure that Russling Rd will give us the quiet that we're looking for. I think we'll keep looking!

It depends on which end of the road you are on also, the western end of the road probably sees half the traffic as the other end.

Songbird Songbird
2 weeks ago

Russling Road is less than 1-2 miles from some VERY quiet areas.
Petersburg Road
Ketchum Rd
Water Street
I mean, real quiet.

Not sure why anyone would want to buy a house with a steep driveway and on a road that's not particularly safe to walk on. Budget I guess. Not my preference.

Maja2, well then I guess it's a good thing that no one is asking you to buy a house there ;)

CuriousK CuriousK
2 weeks ago

Water street in Independence is the main shortcut to rt 80 in Independence

I would not call it a quiet peaceful road

Not anywhere as busy as Petersburg or Ketcham.
But what do I know.

Hi, Mt Bethel Road in Port Murray is very quiet and hardly any traffic.
Asbury NJ (near Washington NJ, not Asbury Park, Lol) is another nice spot.

I appreciate all the replies

CuriousK CuriousK
2 weeks ago

I live on a road right off of Russling, it's definitely a relatively quiet place. The speed limit once you hit Russling is 30, then it goes up to 40 after a short bit - hence why somebody said people go 40mph...its the speed limit..

Nice area, and I personally can't recall seeing an accident as you merge onto 46 from Russling in quite a while. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened before, like anywhere, anything is possible, but that spot isn't really known for that.

ILiveRightThere ILiveRightThere
2 weeks ago

It is an awkward intersection with Route 46 because of the angle and Best's parking area. Just make sure you actually stop at the stop sign, then carefully move forward to merge into the traffic. Sometimes the weed growth (or snow piles in winter) make it difficult to see up the highway, but I agree with ILiveRightThere, don't recall many accidents. I've lived off Russling Road since 1975. Many more houses & traffic within those years, as with the entire area. Be prepared for power outages, lots of deer and bears. Enjoy your new home.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
2 weeks ago

are you for real ? you should be lucky its still even available and dont let the pets out its a busy. street. hear lots of action on scanner about that area

tangerine tangerine
1 week ago

I'm on Russling Road. There is commuter traffic in the morning and coming home from work, during the day, not so much. I have noticed over the last week that the police have been waiting for speeders and they have now put up a speed limit device, hopefully that will slow people down. Hope this answers some of your questions

We were on Highland for many years and some people drove too fast there as well as Russling - I yelled at a few to slow down as there were quite a few kids around back then, this was before Independence even had cops so there was no one to even call about it. Nowadays people just drive too damn fast everywhere period...

1 week ago

I live up a steep drive on a road that’s not the safest to walk on in a nearby area. I love it because we don’t have nosy or noisy neighbors. Best choice we ever made!

Green Trees Green Trees
1 week ago

@ Green Trees....The same with us...but we do not live on a steep hill...Our Street is also near Russling Road and Rte 46 but it is a private road with only 6 homes on the entire street surrounded by woods... We are senior citizens who love our peace and quiet and where we are is perfect for us and has been for the past 32 years...

Agree with Bug3 on Water Street. Very busy road - we used to live on it. Main reason we left that area was the traffic on the road and the noise from the drag strip. Would not call that one quiet. Russling is busy at commute times, but its mostly local traffic.

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