Vandalism at Lowe's Mountain avenue!!

Vandalism at Lowe's Mountain avenue!!

Haha! I bet you thought this was going to be another one of those let's piss and moan about something threads! LOL.

I just happened to notice this tree that Chewy the beaver has been working on. Very clean work. Surprisingly that is up probably 16 in or so from the ground. Industrious little fellow as he must stand and chew for quite some time. There's a second tree he's been tasting as well. Check it out it's opposite the main entrance along the roadway that circles the parking lot.

Leave it to beaver!

2 weeks ago

What will it fall on?

Roywhite Roywhite
2 weeks ago

deaf ears

That’s crazy! At Lowe’s???? Pardon my ignorance but there’s a body of water in that area? I had no idea there were urban (suburban?) beavers!

2 weeks ago

There's a large man-made retention basin (wet pond) directly adjacent to Lowe's as well as the Musconetcong River that comes within about 50-100 feet from Lowe's Garden Center.

Call me bored but I had to drive over snd take a look. Cant be Kiev’s I’ve never noticed that pond Ianimal. Call me unobservant :)

2 weeks ago

Did those Spotted Lantern Bugs cause this?

Hackresident Hackresident
2 weeks ago

Hackresident, Spotted Lanternflies do not do any damage to trees, per se. The reason they are bad is because they secrete a substance that causes fungus to grow, and it's the fungus that damages fruit trees.


No, not Spotted Lanternflies. This is the work of a beaver or beavers. It seems as though they may have moved downstream form when they were in one of the other parks (Hatchery, maybe?) and started rebuilding by Lowes. With all the floods, perhaps their dam or lodge was damaged, broken up and moved downstream, so they relocated.

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Re: Vandalism at Lowe's Mountain avenue!!
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