Survey in the Mail

I received a large envelope from something called Ipsos Research Center. Since I usually open everything, even if I think it is junk mail, I opened it to discover a survey and a $5 bill enclosed for "my trouble". I will receive an additional $10.00 if I complete the survey & return it. The questions were fairly innocuous, but I don't give out my email address or telephone number, so that was the end of that. Just wanted to let you know, if you get one of these surveys, there is $5 in it for you.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
3 weeks ago

Hi I did it also and received a $5 bill in the mail as well

Wonder how many people just toss that mail without opening?

Sacks cousin
3 weeks ago

That's what I was thinking, Sacks, and that's why I posted this. If anyone got an envelope from this group and tossed it in the trash, it might be worth digging it out before you take your trash can to the curb.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
3 weeks ago

In the past during severe flu or virus times, I would put gloves on and spray bleach both sides of the money, even when getting cash from the bank. It takes an hour per side to dry. Now when I receive money in an envelope, I put it back in the enclosed smaller envelope and mail it back to sender. Hopefully they will take my name off their mailing lists. I give to charities of my choosing, not random mailings.

Spring fever Spring fever
3 weeks ago

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