Trying to do something cool in a new condo. I want to do one funky wall with wallpaper. I see so many beautiful things online but cannot find anyone local to work with. Any ideas?

Paintpourri on Mountain Av used to have a huge selection, if they can’t help they may know who can

I've been thinking about putting up wallpaper too, to create a feature wall. I've been watching Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb, she always recommends wallpaper on a feature wall and pulling in a color from the wallpaper by painting the other walls in the room. Some of the wallpaper patterns are really funky. She has mentioned removable wallpaper (peel and stick) a few times and I'm tempted to try it. Haven't seen a pattern I like surfing the net. Show is on Dabl, it's on during the day, but I watch it 7pm after Escape to the Country, both are British shows. Xfinity Dabl channel 236.

September 13th

Try Tempaper.com It is a peel and stick wallpaper. They have great designs!

Htwnnjresident, I have never explored those higher number Comcast channels and didn’t know of the shows you mentioned. British House Hunter type shows are my favorite and now I have several more to watch. As far as your wallpaper question, I say give it a try but only if it is peelable. I have a living room and dining room covered in wallpaper that will need to be removed before I can sell my home. I’ve done it before and it’s not fun. Alternatively, maybe you might do a geometric design accent wall using paint and tape. I’ve seen a lot of those on tv and they look very attractive.

Thanks for the comments but I would not want to do this myself and would not do a peel and stick. I want a permanent classic upscale piece done professionally. Just can't find that person in this area...Any Ideas...??

May3, after removing layers of wall paper many years ago that previous owner out up, I thought I'd never want to put up wallpaper. There are so many interesting designs to choose from, just need to find the right one and then go for it. Thinking of something for the holidays. A few more channels around dabl, that I also like are Create which is food, painting, knitting, sewing, etc., Decades channel, Movies channel. The upper channels have "older" shows.

September 14th

I would contact Sack's Paint and Wallpaper in Dover. My family has always used them for paint, I can not attest to their wallpaper but their customer service is top notch and they have been in business forever.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
September 15th

Hi painten place has a wonderful wallpaper department and personalized help they're in Denville New Jersey


This guy was great. We had paper border installed last year, and it took him and his helper, 3 hours to hang. It took me 3 days to do a half @$$ job 30 years ago.
He really is top notch. He did come here to Hackettstown.

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