Cd to thumb drive

Need to convert cd/dvd home movies to thumb drives. Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi Lisa, the basics would be that you need a computer with two things - a CD/DVD drive and a usb port for the thumb drive. If your computer does not have a cd/dvd drive, you can order an external one online for around $50.00.

Here are the steps needed:
1) Insert disk into drive
2) Using the file manager, open the cd drive to view the contents of the disk
3) insert the USB thumb drive
4) using the file manager, open the usb thumb drive to view the contents
(note: you should now have two folders open, one blank for the thumb drive and one showing the files on the dvd)
5) select the files in the dvd folder and copy (right click on selected files and select copy or use ctrl c)
6) go to the thumb drive folder and paste the copied files (right click on the blank area of the folder and select paste or use ctrl v)

This is the basic walkthrough, note that depending on the source of the dvds it may be locked to prevent this action. (if homemade, this should work fine)

Hope this helps

This is a pretty easy process if you have the required hardware on you PC. People make it more complicated than it really is. Think of it as how would I do this manually. It is like moving a file from one file cabinet to another that simple.

2 weeks ago

Unless copyright protection is involved

Would DVD movies still work if you just copy the files? Isn't there hidden/format information needed to make it playable - especially if it contains menus or chapters?

I'm not talking about a data disc full of .MOV or .MPG files... but rather native DVD movies.

Might need some software to "wrap" the DVD into a .ISO file first and then copy that (and possibly un-extract it again to make it playable).

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
2 weeks ago

Thank you
I ordered an external cd drive and will start this process soon. This is for my children and family members to have treasured home movies that I have on CD. I want to share them with easy access. Nothing is copyrighted. Thanks for all the help!

Mark, many years ago when my kids were young we had a freeware or shareware utility to copy copyrighted DVDs directly. Disney movies and such copied perfectly. I am sure there are utilities like that still available. It would make a file you burn on a DVD writer.

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