Land of make believe this weekend?

We're having a debate, do you think LOMB is going to be a zoo tomorrow?
Also, does anyone know of they have coupons?

I doubt it will be a zoo tomorrow. I think it will still be a water park. LMAO!

I think it would be an average attendance day for early September. However with the shortage of staffing typically experienced this time of year in addition to the current lack of hourly employees available to most seasonal venues, I'd bet it may be a bit "slow" in functioning.

Yes crowded, less clean because of staffing and too many people in general and overall not where I would want to be this weekend.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Sep '21

Too cold for the water part.

Roywhite Roywhite
Sep '21

We went there last month and were pleasantly surprised that it was more like years ago; in that it was not that crowded and people were pleasant. I'd say go for it.

Stevie Stevie
Sep '21

So, did you go?

Sep '21

We went on Saturday, place was quiet at opening. I when we left at 5:00 it was busy but never seemed crowded or annoying. Water park was freezing, but the kids enjoyed so who cares.

Englishe30 Englishe30
Sep '21

No, we didn't go, my anxiety got the best of me so we just went to a park instead

I've been hearing an interesting advertisement this week on WRNJ for the Land of Make Believe. Essentially the announcer starts off talking about what a wonderful local attraction LOMB has been for years; a vital part of the community etc. He continues and discusses the difficulties in staffing the park during labor day weekend and the surrounding week as according to the announcer, it's their busiest time of the season. The announcer states the staffing shortage is a direct result of the fact that most schools in the area return before Labor Day at this point. So the sum and substance of the advertisement was to encourage parents and folks to call local board of education officials and superintendents to have them reconsider returning to school until after the Labor Day holiday. I was a little taken aback as I thought that was quite an ask to have entire school districts change their schedule so one local business can have adequate staffing to operate at their full capacity. I'm not sure if it was ingenious, selfish or just thinking out of the box. I'd be curious to know if LOMB wrote the copy or was it the marketing department at WRNJ along with the folks at LOMB. Either way I think I like the out of the box approach.
Clearly with the state of things today it's widely publicized that the employee shortage is at an all-time high for a variety of reasons.
I hope they're able to overcome their staffing dilemma but I can't imagine any school district in our area capitulating and moving their entire school calendar around to accommodate this scenario.

Wow, interesting. I haven’t heard the spot but it does certainly seem like a big ask. I don’t know if it would turn enough people off to negatively effect LOMB in any significant way so I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask but it does indeed seem a bit…nervy?

3 weeks ago

It’s the same issue our community pool has. Schools starting early effect a whole lot of season businesses

Interesting side story.
Don’t know if it is still done, but back in the 50’s to early 70’s schools in North Carolina’s Tobacco Road areas would break for a couple of weeks so the kids could assist in the picking and barning (curing) the crop for the auction.
I participated.

I believe there was a similar movement in the Ocean City, MD area a few years back. Not sure what the final outcome was there. Even if you could get a consensus to make such a change, I can't imagine any scenario that impacts this year.

While it will likely take more than just one business, if there's enough of a push for this, it might eventually get legs. I took a look at school calendars along the Shore. Districts like Long Branch, Atlantic City, Toms River, and one of the Wildwoods. And FWIW, they all started after Labor Day, probably as a result of the local economy. At one time in NY (not sure if it's still the case), while school could be in session whenever, school days that counted towards the 180 minimum had to be between Sept. 1 and June 30.

At some basic you want to start earlier & end earlier, or start later and end later? Personally, count me in the latter group.

Route 46
3 weeks ago


In Coastal NC in the Mid 70's classes would start at the normal time, but you wouldn't see some students for the first week of class. We didn't have too many from my classes that were out, but one guy was quite memorable. He was tall, skinny, and had thick glasses and had a habit of proudly exclaiming when he had him a "mess of brains and eggs for breakfast." I never figured whether or not he was trying to see how many people he might gross out or if it was that big of a treat for him when he could have them!

I know I'm just an old fogey, but we always started school the Wednesday after Labor Day. We probably ended around the 3rd week of June. We had snow days. We managed to get in the required number of days, and I think we all acquired an excellent education. Families may also still be on vacation through the Labor Day weekend too. Why was the calendar changed to the earlier start? Anyone know?

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
3 weeks ago

Pre-covid, LOMB got (some) summer help from europe. I recall a few times 20 or so kids would catch the 6am martz bus to nyc (fr panther valley) at the end of summer with all their gear - supposedly off to nyc then jfk. by their accents i guessed eastern europe.

We also started school the Wednesday after Labor Day (in NJ) and I never understood when my kids were in school and they made the switch to starting before Labor Day. I’ve asked the question many times (even at Bd of Ed meetings) about the change and I’ve never heard a reasonable explanation. Starting before the Labor Day weekend ruins vacation plans for many families and also hurts the businesses that need kids through the Labor Day holiday. And what for? So the kids can get out on June 12th instead on June 18?. Makes no sense to me!

FarmerJake FarmerJake
2 weeks ago

its not about the kids its about the teachers, you dont know that by now?

wrestlref wrestlref
2 weeks ago

"its not about the kids its about the teachers, you dont know that by now?"


My vote for post of the year.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
2 weeks ago

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