Scammers are back in Hackettstown!! Stop Giving Them MONEY!

Scammers are back in Hackettstown!! Stop Giving Them MONEY!

Hello Everyone,

This is Eric from, The Gold Mine in Hackettstown. The scammers are back. I have had 10 people so far in the past 2 weeks bring in the same exact fake 18k ring and 18k necklace. From what I have been told by the people getting scammed is that it is an Indian/Arabic man with his elderly mother and kids in a car going around telling people a sob story on how they have no money and they only have these 18k gold ring and necklace they can give you for some money. THEY ARE FAKE, you are being tricked!! So far people have given anywhere from $20 to $200.

Eric Coppola Eric Coppola
3 weeks ago

In this modern age of cameras everywhere....none of these 1o people were anywhere that a camera would have the plate # of the scammers car?

Greed will get you every time. You try to scam them out of some gold, they scam you right back.

It's Karma. Choke on it.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
3 weeks ago

That’s for the heads-up l, Eric Did you call the police? As a business owner, in that particular space, I’m sure you did. Just wondering.

3 weeks ago

I have worked with you personally and you are thorough and honest. Such a shame this is happening to you. Itpays to be thorough. Youre good people.

Yes, Eric is good people and is very professional.

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Re: Scammers are back in Hackettstown!! Stop Giving Them MONEY!
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