Food Waste Recycling/Composting Facility near our town

Residents of Mansfield Township heard about a proposal for a food waste recycling facility in Mansfield Township off of Blau Rd. This facility will bring in food waste from the surrounding areas for processing. The town officals stated it is in the very early stages but we need to act now to get ahead of this.

This facility can create increased traffic, damage to roads due to increased truck traffic as well as possible increase of accidents. In addition it can facilitate a rodent population and increase other wildlife attracted to such a facility from smell of the food waste off-gassing. Many of the surrounding housing developments are also concerned about well water contamination, other environmental issues and the effects on property values
Please sign our petition to stop this at

Donald Proefrock Donald Proefrock
August 12th

Ahhh yes. We push our legislatures to mandate things like food recycling in the interest of being green, but no one wants the facilities in their neighborhood. I guess there is always someone else's back yard something like this can go into.

See the same thing in the energy field - "must have green energy like solar or wind" immediately followed by "I don't want to look at those solar panels or windmills."

The city people. need to go back to the city

I don't see much of a negative impact on the area either. Much ado about nothing.

First off, don't waste or throw out perfectly good food!!! This happens all the time! Second, every household needs to do backyard composting or worm composting and compost their kitchen/food scraps--companies, restaurants too. Easy and more efficient.

As johnny cash’s song once said, You're gonna cry, cry, cry

August 13th

Mabey I’ll build a sewage processing plant right next to it. We’ll have both ends of the food game covered!!!

We compost, albeit on a much smaller scale, but we've never had any issues with rodents.

Welcome To NJ....

Never Lost It
August 17th

More details can be seen at

Donald Proefrock Donald Proefrock
August 17th

Maybe if they spelled "town council" correctly on the link it would be more credible

Valid point! LOL.

Wonderful, another Borealis?? perhaps one day Mansfield, once one of the most picturesque valleys in the state, can look just like Linden or Elizabeth, can't wait to see AND smell it.

Old Sam
August 18th

Believe me it will smell for miles around. It has a sweet sickening smell. You will not want to open your windows. Most of the food comes from grocery stores. I lived on a property with this dump and the truck traffic and smell were horrible.

15-30 dump trucks of decaying food per day, rolling through Hackettstown and Mansfield from as far away as Morristown, Branchburg, Bridgewater, and Easton... sure there's nothing to smell here. Because nothing ever spills off of trucks.

Thought that I would throw in my two cents,
Terrible location.
There is no access from H'town, both Grand Ave, and Allen Rd are restricted to truck traffic. The only real way in or out is through Heiser Rd, or coming up through Port Murray and down Rockport, ( although not sure that the small bridge in Port Murray Rd. can handle this either, I suspect not, but. ).
It would seem there would be a better location, maybe further up on Rt.31 ? Better access for trucks as well as being safer for traffic.
Just my thoughts.

It’s easy for the peeps that don’t live so close to this proposed site to say it’s all good. I’m 2 houses down from the site and I don’t want it . Who’s the brain that came up with this BS? Our beautiful houses will surely decrease in value and I don’t want to hear trucks coming and going all hours of the day/evening. The roads are falling apart now, don’t need more traffic. I for one never received any info on this happening, they just started cutting down trees and hauling them out!

The property where someone is doing tree clearing is not where the food composting facility is proposed to be located. The compost facility would be on Blau Road across from the church before you get to the RR tracks.
The tree clearing is a different issue. No one from the town knew what was going on. I called Warren County Soils and they were unaware that there was clearing activity occurring on this property. After they visited the site they told me it was a farming operation and didn’t require any permits or approvals from Soil Conservation. This despite that they cleared between 5-10 acres of land with no erosion controls put in place and muddy runoff eventually getting dumped into the Musconetcong. It’s a mess.
Regarding the food compost facility planned for Blau Road, according to the planner of this facility, Coker Compost, , the food compost facility is planned to handle 17,000 tons of food garbage each year. Nearly 100,000 pounds per day. Not only will you have the trucks bringing in the food waste but you will also have the trucks taking the product (mulch) out of the facility. Our town can’t control the few trucks that go to Borealis, how are they going to manage the additional truck traffic going to and from the compost facility? How many trucks traveling through Hackettstown are going to take the wrong route and end up stuck at the train trestle on Grand Ave. or drive over a bridge not designed for the weight of the truck?
The owner of the property has had it for sale for over 10 years. It hasn’t sold because it’s not a great location due to limited truck access.
No one is arguing the need for a food compost facility but this proposed location makes no sense. Wouldn’t a location with better access for trucks be a wiser choice? I hear there’s a resource recovery facility on Route 31 near the intersection with Route 46. Maybe that should be looked at.
I would hope the Land Use Board of Mansfield acts in the best interest of its tax paying residents and kills this idea before it gains any traction. I believe a variance is needed for this project to move forward. They should deny any variances requested and do something right for the people who have a vested interest in preserving the quality of life they currently enjoy. The Grandview neighborhood is one of the nicest in Mansfield. Residents take care of their properties. It would be a shame to see it decline due to the shortsightedness of a select few.

PO’d on Watters PO’d on Watters
August 31st

Does anyone know how much revenue for the town this would mean. I see no statistics on the financial benefits to the town. If we are going to debate it let’s debate both sides.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
September 1st

According to the food waste recycling bill that Murphy signed, the municipality can earn a benefit of not less than 50 cents per ton. If this facility was operating at full capacity at 17,000 tons per year, the town only earns a minimum of $8,500. This won’t even cover the extra costs to the town in terms of road repair and policing costs related to the extra truck traffic.
Doesn’t seem worth it. Why would the township even consider allowing this? Who does it benefit? Certainly not the residents of Mansfield.

PO’d on Watters PO’d on Watters
September 1st

Here's a link to the Food Waste Recycling Act -

PO’d on Watters PO’d on Watters
September 1st

Thanks PO. Clearly money is not the motivation for the town. At least documented money anyway. Who’s getting paid for this deal. Someone is.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
September 2nd

After reading some of these posts, I was curious as to exactly where Blau Road is, sort of had an idea but checked out my Google map. And I have to say, where is the common sense in this? Why would a company want to situate a large processing plant out in the middle of a rural countryside with no major roadways for access? One lane country roads (I know Rockport Road is a County road), narrow, an underpass at one end that trucks can't get through, a bridge over railroad tracks that might not be built for heavy trucks, sharp curves, etc. That company on Thomas Road is bad enough. I've seen trucks trying to navigate their way there too. Ridiculous.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
September 2nd

If it is where I'm thinking on Blau road, could it be that they may want to utilize the train tracks? I agree the roads back there do not really seem suitable for truck traffic, but if they are planning on utilizing the train line, it would make sense.

The concept plan does not include any planned use of the rail line. Trucks with up to 30 yard dumpsters will pick up the food waste from various facilities from at least a 25 mile radius and bring it to the site on Blau Rd. Larger, dump trailer trucks will be used to haul the mulch from the site.
Don’t worry though, the applicants will promise there will be no noise, smell, flies or vermin. This will be the cleanest, state-of-the-art facility ever built.
What happens if it’s built and the developer’s promises were just BS? We end up stuck living with this. And if the business fails we’re left with a property that can’t be readily used for another type of business.

PO’d on Watters PO’d on Watters
September 2nd

Wow, sorry folks to be the bearer of bad news but I was personally involved as a resident of Roxbury Township (Mooney Mountain), in the fight against Fenimore Landfill. It became my life for 2 years. There is nothing positive to come from this situation. Experienced Trucks coming in at 4:00 am to get a jump on delivery, trucks speeding through residential roads not meant for tractor trailers/dump trucks, uncovered trucks, couldn’t make the turns onto Mooney Road without causing traffic issues at Route 206, confrontation with the actual truck drivers, horrendous odor, run off from the landfill into residential wells. Truckers bringing in illegal debris (asbestos), etc. trucks breaking down, trucks flipping and dumping debris (remember these are residential roads not highways). Waking up early morning hours, jumping in my car to follow a truck while taking a video. Lots and lots of videos which were requested by Roxbury Twp. to take to Trenton. I could go on and on, so many stories to tell. Seven years ago but seems like yesterday. Stand your ground, show up and be heard. Hire experts to help in the fight if you can, you will need professional help. Internet: type in Fenimore Landfill videos, those are mine and they don’t lie. I moved to Port Murray 2 years ago, couldn’t believe it when I saw the yard signs . . . Déjà vu

No thanks

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