Overgrown weeds on Main Street sidewalks

Whose responsibility is it to maintain the appearance of Main Street - the individual businesses, the town, BID? The planters and the lampposts look fantastic, but they are diminished by the unsightly weeds growing in between the sidewalk cracks and in the areas surrounding the trees.

Jersey Girl Jersey Girl
August 4th

My mother operated a business on Main Street for almost forty years. Every morning she swept the sidewalk in front of her store, picked up trash and pulled up grass and weeds by the curb. The B.I.D. does a commendable job but how about business proprietors taking pride in and some responsible for the cleanliness and conditions in front of their stores?

wondering wondering
August 5th

Good Point to wondering.....I also years ago was a business owner on Main Street in Hackettstown and remember every morning as soon as I opened the door to the store going out and sweeping the front sidewalk of the store. Always made sure that snow was removed first thing after a snowfall too and storefront was kept clean. It is called PRIDE....

At the same time, while the businesses should want things to look nice in front of their storefronts, isn't this really the responsibility of the DPW? The weeds growing between the sidewalks and around the curbing are insane, and is not a good look for the town.

TownFriend TownFriend
August 6th

In the past several years the BID took care of this. Jim Sheldon would have one of his workers go out and pick up trash and weed. It is a real shame to see how unsightly Main Street has become. I would see him walk up and down the street every day to check it out.

I too have noticed a marked difference in the appearance of Main Street. Jim Sheldon did an amazing job keeping the town looking good!
I love all the outdoor dining that is available, but let's take some pride in our town & get things cleaned up!

It sounds like this situation is perfect for a group of volunteers to get together walk main Street up and down pick the weeds etc. And then afterwards enjoy a cold adult beverage or two. Fellowship and problem solved. Chatting here online will accomplish zero.

good point Greg!

Thank you, Rose. Funny how I mentioned the "V" word and the conversation stopped! LMAO!

That is par for the course these days it seems. Particularly on an online, anonymous setting such as HL. When the rubber hits the road folks won't step up and act on an issue that compelled a complaint. Just point fingers and piss and moan. In this case a very easy solution to a fairly insignificant "problem" would complete the circle.

The local Boy Scout Troop would potentially get involved supervised by leaders. I have no idea how the troop's leader would be contacted. When the Centenary students are back on campus they might be interested in this and other volunteer opportunities.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
August 7th

If it’s the dpw’s responsibility then they should do it no excuses. That’s part of residents paying taxes. Please don’t tell me they don’t have the time.

Michigan Michigan
August 8th

On residential streets the property owner is responsible for the upkeep to the curb, including the sidewalk. Is Main Street different?

Jim KIng
August 8th

@ Jim King: No...there is no difference You are absolutely correct but the problem with the Main St. business maintenance is that most of the people who have businesses on Main St. rent the building and the owners sometimes are not even anywhere around or sometimes not even in New Jersey. No excuse, however, they should still see that their property has upkeep and maintenance or put it in their tenants rental agreement. As I mentioned before...just a matter of PRIDE..

I was wondering the same thing as I drove on Main Street/Grand Ave by the corner. Greg, I think you have a great idea and I thought about that as well but Jersey Girl’s original question was to inquire about whose responsibility it is. If it is the business owners, then I think you make a great point. However, if it is the town/DPW etc it would be good to know.

Townies Townies
August 8th

If it is the DPW that takes care of it then I guarantee once they are made aware of it they will address it. I have always found Scott and the crew to be extremely prompt and efficient. With that said, I agree wholeheartedly with Joyful's statement. The shopkeepers should take some pride in their area and take action regardless of who owns the property. It all starts with self respect and respect for others. In my opinion of course...

Not sure if Main Street is to be weeded on taxpayer's tab. Like Joyful said take pride in your store or property.

Jim KIng
August 8th

Curious, who (among home owners) weed the space between curb and street. I always do, never even thought about not doing it, it is a matter of pride but civility also, pick up garbage as well. I see some homes with grass n weeds shin high along the curb, not end of the world but…

Roywhite Roywhite
August 8th

weeds have flowers too. see the beauty in all of nature

Another comment on how bad our walkways on Main Street look with weeds growing all over the place
Now that its September it probably wont be addressed but its a shame about the appearance

Hotdogchili Hotdogchili
2 weeks ago

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