Hanging Plants

Just returned home from a new place out Washington way on back roads.

FERN VALLEY Nursery. Beautiful full plants for 3/$20.00. People were exceptionally nice.

A nice addition to our tired plants on the deck.

Bernie Bernie
Jul '21

Nice! Can't find it online. Do you have an address?


happycamper happycamper
Jul '21

Can you tell me where this new nursery is? I'd like to go.


OMG! What a find! Fern Valley Farm, 495 Hoffman Road, Port Murray, NJ 07865! Now, they are selling an entire wagon load of annuals for $20. They were indeed lovely! My friend was infirmed, and they provided a chair and walked her to my car! Thank you Michael Hicks Inc.!

DJ they are nice people. Go everyone to this place. You will be amazed. Better go this weekend because they are selling fast.

Bernie Bernie
Jul '21

Wondering if anyone has any input on the best prices around for hanging baskets and flats this year?

1 week ago

I'm not as concerned with price as selection and quality. The few I purchased from Lowes last season were lousy unfortunately. I did like the baskets I got at Bests the year prior. Any other thoughts?

Godlewski.....good selection

4catmom 4catmom
1 week ago

That's nice to hear. I was a loyal Godlewski patron for years. However they started to really cut back and had only a few greenhouses even open so I stopped going. Perhaps I'll take a ride that way again.

Tranquility is charging $75 for 3 very large beautiful hanging baskets.

Believe it or not the ShopRites in Greenwich and Washington had beautiful hanging baskets before mothers day on sale for $13.99 each. I wish I had gotten two because the one I bought is spectacular.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
1 week ago

Lowest price - Lowe's 2 for $16

For Quality - Best's

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