Mansfield Elementary Superintendent

Long time resident of Mansfield Twp. Just recently heard the superintendent of only three years has opened up his contract for negotiations. Asking for a five year contract with a $175,000 salary!! School has under 600 students with three administrators making over a $100,000!!! Heard rumblings in the community about the superintendent and morale at the school. The last three years have been awful. No disregard for staff, overspending, rarely at school etc... Supposedly he is the BOE president in Mt. Olive and is mostly concerned with that job. Doesn't sound good at all. My children attended there , and was so great. I hate to see this happen. BOE agrees with everything he says. Budget affecting our taxes? BOE meeting is July 15th at 7pm. Attend, ask questions and make your voices heard.

You have administrators in every school district making 6 figures...

Metsman Metsman
July 2nd

Another case for consolidation.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
July 2nd

Metsman, I think the difference here is that it is only one school in the whole district, and in that school are a Vice Principal, a Principal, and a Superintendent if it's still the same as when my kids went there many years ago.

My brother says that they should have one superintendent per county. This would make sense for a position that pays $250000 per year. It's just that we have one superintendent per school district and they get $170000 and up.. Maybe this could be put on a ballot and let the taxpayers decide?

Pookietoo Pookietoo
July 2nd

Whatever it is that this 'person' does...I'll wake up tomorrow at 5am, be there a 6am, do it better...leave later, and *happily* accept 1/2 the price.

Douche bag.

I hate that ignorant self absorbed jerk offs work their way into the position that all their neighbors paying for this crap...who work much harder for their money with MUCH less return / appreciation.

I swear- I still believe anyone who holds a gov position needs to have served enlisted in the Army / Marines for many years as a requirement for the job.

That would knock out the ego and give them a hard dose of reality early in their life. None of that officer or air force / navy BS either...

What is 100k today, when every boomer lists their 70 year old house that reeks of Rheingold, Chesterfields and cabbage for 450k?

With a bad septic and 12k taxes to boot.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
July 3rd

Yes, one Superintendent per County. More is just waste. Principals and Vice Principals run each school, period.

100% with you Josh. I am never against a person making money. I am fully against someone doing it through a public job paid via forced taxpayers. If any of these fools lost their job they would work twice as hard (or more) for half the salary and less than half in retirement benefits. A scam? Yes it is and paid by the taxpayers of New Jersey...

BTW Josh, I was an officer in the Army, hope that doesn't fall under your BS classification...

Just means you didn't work as hard or suffer nearly as much. :)

My version of the Army didn't include a desk, and people saluting me everywhere I went. Officers always had a tent, heat, food, shower etc. So in many ways- you WERE the superintendent.

Try and get Hackettstown and Long Valley to join together. HaHa. Not enough Grey Poupon in Hackettstown.
And as it is, Mendham and Chester want to ditch Long Valley, as it doesn't have enough Grey Poupon either.

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
July 3rd

Don’t kid yourself.
Many in the above mentioned communities under incredible pressure.
Big homes, huge property tax bills, 2 car payments, 2-3 kids in or about to enter college and all the while acting like they’ve got it all together.
You drive through the neighborhoods and all seems so serene.
Crushing pressure.
Definitely not for me.

Stymie Stymie
July 4th

I feel so bad for them

Philliesman Philliesman
July 4th

Big homes, huge property tax bills, 2 car payments.

Self induced. No one forced you to buy a big home. Well, maybe she coerced you to.

salt lake salt lake
July 4th

Co-sign on the one superintendent per county. My kids go to Great Meadows and it's ridiculous that there's a superintendent for two schools. These districts need to be consolidated.

Smilingbecs Smilingbecs
July 4th


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have heard similar things. Mansfield does not need another 5 years of this person. I still don’t understand how the MO BOE and the position in Mansfield isn’t a conflict of interest. Not the only Mansfield board member with what seems like a conflict of interest.

Resident Resident
July 5th

Josh, if people go down in the field in an engineering battalian the officers are not immune to going down too. Please don't compare to a do-nothing Superintendent.

Look at the recent history in GM. There was 1 super and a few other administrative shared positions just a couple of years ago. Your current GM BOE ended that agreement and the savings that went with it.

Just putting the facts out there.

Have a nice day!

crazyjane crazyjane
July 7th

GM could not afford to keep all those shared positions. They were getting the short end of the stick. S2 forced their hands in many way

July 7th

I think Josh was referring to the political navy/af appointments without really serving....usually politician's kids-definitely not referring to regular army/usmc/af/navy/coast guard officers. Thanks for your service iJay

bflat4u bflat4u
July 8th

No. I was definitely talking about officers in general.

They live a pampered kiss ass life in comparison to the normal guys living a real military life- doing real military work. Enlisted is a whole different world.

Some may take that as harsh- but its undeniably true, and I certainly wasn't the one that made the rules so don't yell at me for what it is.

I just find it funny that a person who lived that life would complain about a superintendent and waste. But I guess it's like rich people who call themselves middle class. They just can't see the truth because they weren't ever there.

100% spot on comment.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
July 8th

I wonder what Josh thinks about nco's and warrant officers..

There is a big difference between a general and a lieutenant on the battlefield. Yes, the general is the chess player but he is playing with peoples' lives...

Residents of Mansfield,

Please attend the Mansfield Township Elementary BOE meeting this Thursday 7/15. It begins at 6:30pm. Those of you on Facebook check out the Mansfield Township page with comments regarding the superintendent, school etc... Our voices need to be heard!

I don't reside in Mansfield but I highly recommend Mansfield residents to fight the taxpayer abuse. Demand reform and accountability to control/reduce costs.

Come on now, you know damn well that no one on this forum has the guts to do anything in public. It's laughable. I will be at the BOE meeting and I guarantee not one of you cyber rebels will show and speak.

Have a nice day.

crazyjane crazyjane
July 12th

It starts with one, e.g. Rosa Parks...

I wonder if the BOE in Randolph felt the sameway when they elliminatef columbus day

She isn't showing up either.

Have a nice day.

crazyjane crazyjane
July 12th

... Maybe this could be put on a ballot and let the taxpayers decide?

... I still don’t understand how the MO BOE and the position in Mansfield isn’t a conflict of interest.

Until someone (like a politician of this State) breaks the BOE union, or aligns its Labor/employment agreements like those of the rest of the workers (employees) in the country, that's only when the excessive taxpayer pay, extra overtime/vacation, and overlapping/conflicting positions can be reconciled - to make a more efficient, reasonable expense (taxed), competitive (qualified) teachers, better schooling service (operation/business) to all, each community/town/citizens we're paying for.

I know there WAS a need for unions (around a half a century ago), when there was no EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) nor Labor Law. But, where there's no competition and/or its funds to pay its services and employees (teachers) come from a bottomless (unlimited) money pit (from the government...that's ultimately taken out of us taxpayers...who have no *real* control nor can *rely* there is any real accountability, efficiency, quality check, etc. like those in the free-market of capitalism.
July 12th

Meeting that was scheduled for tonight is cancelled. This was the message on the district website:

Due to delays in the Superintendent contract negotiation process, the prerequisites required to hold the Public Hearing and Board Vote have not been met. Therefore, the 6:30 p.m. Public Hearing and Board Vote are cancelled for Thursday 7/15/21. The future hearing date will be advertised when applicable. The regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting will proceed as advertised at 7:00 p.m.
Very truly yours,
Paul W. DeAngelo
School Business Administrator/Board Secretary

Also with regards to the new contract for the Superintendent, I am in education, but not in this district. However, I do not get why a K-6 school district with so little students does not have one administrator, who is the Chief School Administrator. Why there is a Superintendent, a Principal and a not needed "curriculum supervisor" is way beyond me, a waste of staff and then less money to pay the teachers and support staff in the district. Districts like Mansfield need to be merged as there are too many Superintendents who come and go from district to district, while commanding too much money in the process.

July 15th

Put on the ballot? LOL, we all know that that would shoot down all of this BS spending.The Governor is paid 175k but we have all of these administrators making more. Corruption, pure and simple...

This is a problem that is not confined to just Mansfield. A while back, when Long Valley was clamoring for another Building for the "over crowding", they at the time had four campuses, and five Principals. They really did a good job of "selling the need" for another building, so much so they got it past. A few years after the new Cucinella School was completed and opened, it came out they had too much room and were thinking of closing one of the schools. That was quieted down real fast. We need our Children to get quality Educations, but not at a cost that breaks the backs of the Taxpayers.

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
July 19th

You could teach the children the same as you did 50 years ago, same books, same buildings, same teachers- and just like back then and well before that- the ones that have the talent and drive to succeed will.

Throw all the money you want the rest won't make a tangible difference.

Money thrown at education doesn't guarantee anything. Just look at what Elon Musk says and does regarding education...

It’s not bad enough that we pay our local superintendents high high salaries, look how much we (yes, us in Warren County pay for the city schools since they are almost entirely paid for with state funds) are paying in other school districts. Ughh.

FarmerJake FarmerJake
July 23rd

Overcompensation at the taxpayers' expense.

For CoCo & BackinHackettstown,

What happened with the Mansfield Superintendent requirements for negotiations for the 5 year contract for $175,000 each year, and the other demands? Did he get them?

Where is it posted, on Facebook at all? Did the Public Hearing and Vote ever occur?? (no one posted the conclusion). What is the FB website name exactly for Mansfield Township?

Mansfieldvillager Mansfieldvillager
2 weeks ago

Mansfield Twp FB:

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
2 weeks ago


This is what it came back saying when i logged into the FB site directly from the link above:

" Insufficient Permission
You do not have the necessary permission for the specified Page to perform the requested action. "

Does this page say something directly-related to this thread's topic? Can you copy and paste what the page says about this $$ issue? thanks.

Mansfieldvillager Mansfieldvillager
2 weeks ago

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