Catholic Church Recommendations

I am looking for a new Catholic Church in the Warren County area. I recently moved back into the area and was a parishioner of Saint Mary's in town years ago, but am looking for a new Catholic Church.

Any recommendations? How is Saint Patrick Church in Belvidere, Saint Peter and Paul Church and some of the local Catholic churches? Looking for a friendly and welcoming Catholic Church where I can get involved.


Jun '21

My suggestion from experience is to go to Mass at a church for 2-3 weeks. Then for another 2- 3 weeks attend a different one. Will take time , but you will never get a feel about a particular church in one attendance. Look at their online Sunday bulletins on their websites. Get a feel as to what is up in that church.
I recommend you try Our Lady of the Mountain in Long Valley or St Theodore’s in Port Murray.
Best of luck. God Bless

Jun '21

Our Lady of the Mountain in Long Valley. You won't be disappointed.

Jun '21

Thank you, I am looking for any reviews of Saint Patrick in a Belvidere, Peter and Paul in Great Meadows, Saint Joseph in High Bridge. If you know of any of those parishes, please let me know.

Jun '21

Our Lady of the Mountain and St. Lukes in Long Valley are both great churches with wonderful pastors. There are many opportunities to serve and get involved.

Kelly Kelly
Jun '21

I grew up in Belvidere so St Patrick's is where I had my First Communion, Confirmation, etc. It was great, but that was back in the 70's. I don't know the current pastor or what the services are like now. I will also agree with the recommendation for Lady of the Mountain. As a Hackettstown resident, I've liked going there much more than St Mary's. It's very upbeat at our Lady of the Mountain, although I really miss Father Mark. I haven't actually been there in over 5 years since acquiring a second home in the Catskills so I spend my weekends there.

Rob Durana Rob Durana
Jun '21

There is also St Mark's on Spring Lane on Schooley's Mountain.

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
Jun '21

Blue Army Shrine in Washington=The True Catholic Faith

bflat4u bflat4u
Jun '21

LOL, IDK about "true". Many consider the traditional Catholic Church (pre-Vatican II) to be the "true" Catholic faith. Personally, I consider the gospels the "true" Christian faith, and do not believe in denominations of any kind under the "Christian" umbrella. Follow Christ. The rest is just flotsam and jetsam.

But I don't want to turn this into a religious debate thread.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Jun '21

Like another poster, I went to St. Pats back when Fr. Driscoll was there. Nice parish.

I have not gone to Sts. Peter and Paul in a very long time, but it was a very traditional Polish parish back in the day, and I'm told that it still is. During lockdown, I streamed their Blessing of the Food on Holy Saturday and it was all in Polish.

I attend Sts. Peter and Paul. They do have one mass each Sunday completely in Polish, but the rest are all in English. I am very happy there. But I guess it depends on what you are looking for in a church.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Jun '21

Parental Unit, I was attending a couple pastors ago, but we were quite happy there too.

We have been very happy with St Ann’s in Hampton since switching from st Mary’s. .

Masks Fortheugly Masks Fortheugly
Jun '21

St Ann's - nice mass

Love Saint Patrick's in Belvidere. Father Charles is a very good Pastor and the weekend priest Father Michael is just as good. Nice and caring parish community and a very nice small Church where you get to know your fellow parishioners.

3 weeks ago

The Catholic Churches in our area have been very kind to our family. The Church lives in each of our hearts, as we go through our lives day by day. Even with the anonymity of forums like Hackettstown Life, we know in our hearts what is true and decent. The thread, Hackettstown Board of Education Candidates, contains some very harsh, and distasteful name-calling. The thread, New Voice at WRNJ, contains comments that are downright viscous. Statements concerning my lovely daughter were downright libelous. I pray for the person, who has made these false and hateful statements. There is enough pain and suffering in this world. Let us love one another as God loves us. Sincerely, Mary Moriarty-Caldwell

MaryCaldwell MaryCaldwell
2 weeks ago

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