Sports Card Collecting

With the resurgence of the hobby, I figured I would throw a post up here to see if anyone else has picked the hobby back up during the pandemic and to see what everyone is collecting. I am primarily baseball but have interest in all cards.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
May '21

Dug some cards out this week found rookie Derek jeter weekend made

I wish I could find baseball cards locally. Target and Walmart don’t seem to carry them any more by me, probably because of the fighting over them.
I can get them on Amazon but it’s nice to buy DS a small pack once in a while.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
May '21

I’ve gotten back into it big time. Just sent out 10 cards to scg to get graded.. Been buying bowman n score/panini football.Still learning all the lingo but enjoying it..When psa starts taking cards again in July I have a bunch of Marino’s elways an a few mantles...

Nope. Fool me once…

Sacks cousin
Jun '21

Hey everyone, wanted to let you know I opened a sportscards and pokemon card store next to the Pretzel Factory in Hackettstown in summer of 2021. 150 Mountain Ave... thanks! Jimmy

James Page James Page
1 week ago

Jimmy Page I'm in ! I'm buying a stairway to heaven see ya soon.

rob the roofer rob the roofer
1 week ago

I was doing card shows in the 80's and 90's until it became to rich for the young kids to collect. The days of the father and son or daughter going to show just to collect there favorite team or players. That ended when the sport card companies took out all the fun in collecting when they made it a business and the kids could not afford to buy packs of cards for 5.00 and up. What happen to the days of just enjoying the fact that you have a baseball card of your favorite player and not wondering what it is worth. Just my 2 cents on what has really happened to the hobby. Also I noticed that on East avenue a banner stating there is a Sports Card Show on Sunday May 15th at the Firehouse in Independence from 9am to 3pm. Not sure if they are charging admission or not.

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